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  • https://www.pharmevo.biz/mission/ Our Mission - PharmEvo - Our mission is to be a global organization whose philosophy is characterized by a highly refined sense of ethics which is expressed tangibly through
  • https://www.pharmevo.biz/vision/ Our Vision - PharmEvo - Our Vision: Our dream is to build a healthier society by becoming a leading and socially responsible global company through innovative solutions.
  • https://www.pharmevo.biz/history/ History - PharmEvo - pharmaceutical company that has changed the course of pharmaceutical history in Pakistan. Our journey through the history
  • https://www.pharmevo.biz/group-of-compnaies/ Group of Companies - PharmEvo - PharmEvo is an offshoot of a leading & diversified groups in Pakistan and is involved in Pharmaceutical manufacturing & distribution,Textiles & FMCG
  • https://www.pharmevo.biz/corporate-profile/ Corporate Profile - PharmEvo - Corporate Profile-PharmEvo (Pvt.) limited, incorporated on October 7th, 1999, is a healthcare company, which is engaged in the creation, development,
  • https://www.pharmevo.biz/corporate-executive-team/ Corporate Executive Team - PharmEvo - PharmEvo is one of the top pharmaceutical companies in Pakistan, deeply committed to delivering best therapeutic solutions while improving well being in the society.
  • https://www.pharmevo.biz/global-partners/ Global Partners - PharmEvo - When it comes to addressing the needs of the dynamic Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Industry, global partners hips play a strategic role.
  • https://www.pharmevo.biz/business-philosophy/ Business Philosophy - PharmEvo - Ethical conduct has anchored us through testing times. Ethics is the lens that provides us with unclouded view of wrong & right. We expect our people to use this lens when faced with a dilemma- even when the truth hurts.
  • https://www.pharmevo.biz/csr-programs/ CSR Initiatives - PharmEvo - PharmEvo through its CSR platforms offer diverse value added services to Doctors &health care professionals.
  • https://www.pharmevo.biz/clinision/ Clinision - Pharmevo - RAB is supported by a research grant provided by PharmEvo through its research division “ Clinision ”, The main objectives of RAB
  • https://www.pharmevo.biz/edr/ eDR - PharmEvo - eDr is an innovative program for Doctors & Associated Healthcare Professionals which empowers them through the following services:
  • https://www.pharmevo.biz/jahan-e-maseeha/ Jahan-e-Maseeha - PharmEvo - Jahan-e-Maseeha is a literary platform exclusively initiated for doctors and healthcare providers who value literature.
  • https://www.pharmevo.biz/business-development/ Business Development -PharmEvo - Business Development-International partnerships have always been an important element in PharmEvo’s success and will continue to play a role in company
  • https://www.pharmevo.biz/manufacturing-facility/ Manufacturing Facility - PharmEvo - PharmEvo manufacturing facility is purpose built building stretching over an area of approximately 60,853 Sq. ft. out of its total accumulated land of 217,800 sqft (5 Acres plot). It is situated in Port Qasim Industrial Zone,

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  • Thomas Dodd - IT'S A REAL PIECE OF JUNK !!!!!!!!!!!

    I bought one of these on line and got two for the price of one. I had to pay for shipping on the second one along with shipping on the so called free cook ware and free lids for all the cookware etc. This believe me was a pretty hefty price. I ordered all this stuff on June of 2012 it is now April 2014 and both units are broken. The plastic face covering on both of them wore out and the buttons punched through. I called and asked the company what I could do. Their reply was that the warranty period was over and they were no longer obligated to do anything for me. That was there answer. I would not buy one of these PIC cook tops they are all plastic and the face is nothing but electrician's tape with printing on it. Buy one from some other company they have tops with stainless steel construction that's what I'll be doing. Also the tops I had did not heat evenly they had hot spots. DON'T BUY ONE OF THESE YOU'LL BE SORRY YOU DID. Unhappy Cook

  • Chocoholicka - Don't even bother, unless you ONLY like following the pictograms

    more than half of the songs are impossible to dance to unless you like looking at the pictograms and not the dancer, because either everything is too dark and you're guessing the movements you can't see (for example in Bad Romance, it's all dark background, dark figure, and the glove doesn't glow!) or other dancers overlap the dancer you're following, and you can't see the arm/glove. Just Dance 2015 defeats the purpose of "practice your moves". Returned the same day...

  • XCgirl - MCAT review

    It is a comprehensive review of all the topics. Even has advice for pursuing you medical career at the end!

  • Amazon Customer - I hate the process of returning something online so I ended ...

    The item didn't work! I hate the process of returning something online so I ended up keeping it. My poor daughter keeps pushing the buttons thinking it would work