PhysiCare - PhysiCare bodywork therapy is a very warm welcoming clinical practice that was set up and is run by Darren O Rourke.

Country:, Europe, NL

City: 4.8995 , Netherlands

  • Massandra - This is incredibly awesome!

    I bought this in order to keep a few things like an iPod charged when I travelled to the middle of nowhere in Alaska for a month and stayed in a cabin that had no electricity. I was worried that being so far north with the sun being so low on the horizon all the time that it wouldn't work well, but I was shocked to find out that it charged my iPod just as if I plugged it into a wall socket. Even if it got fairly cloudy it would work, but a little slower. An iPod needs to receive a certain amount of voltage to trigger it to start charging, so it wouldn't charge if it was extremely cloudy, but the battery pack would regardless of how cloudy it got.

  • Theodore Lesnett - Move on up to Internet Security

    This product, while I understand it modifies the operating system, performs exceedingly well. I do not experience any lag from it either. But I have for the pennies difference moved on up to Norton's Internet Security. Service is excellent if you have a problem, and their Norton Removal Tool is free to use when you change products, and necessary to clear your system of the changes Norton makes when installing. The Antivirus does its job, but the difference in coin makes it a poor buy when you can get Internet Security.

  • Amazon Customer - I have two cats I give this to and it ...

    I have two cats I give this to and it works very well. One has been on it for about 7 years and my other cat just started. It is SO much easier to give them several drops in some food than try to give them a pill everyday for the rest of their lives.

  • Fred L. Lindsey - Update

    I read in a past review that someone was upset because all the nuts, bolts, and screws were loose in a bag. I was very happy to see that now all the various hardware is on a white piece of cardboard, separated, and labeled. They match what the manual calls for, and there is no way that you should have any problem using the correct component. It took me about 4 hours to unpack, assemble and test. So far, I love it.

  • Heather A. - Harsh!!

    This product works, however it has a harsh effect. Once it comes In contact with water it produces dangerous fumes that when inhaled can cause sever throat soreness/irritation and headaches.

  • AL Hedenstrom - Loctite Caulk

    I purchased this Loctite caulk about a year ago and did my shower. I followed the instructions and have had good results. No mold, which is a problem because my wife uses lots of hair care products on her long hair. I give it five stars and have asked my brother to purchase some for some work we are doing in his bathroom. How funny it is, that one person will have good results and give a product five stars. Then another will have bad results, and give it one star ? Why is this ???