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  • Joseph C. Lawrence - Too sweet, needs heat

    We gave this sauce for beef tacos a try as a change from the same old dry spice packet offerings. Unfortunately, it fell short because of the sweetness and lack of heat. The lime cilantro sauce is much better but more suited to shrimp, seafood, and even chicken.

  • Em Puckett - The best reasonably priced vacuum I've ever owned!

    I LOVE this vacuum! I picked it especially for the pet attachment and hard floor option and have not been disappointed. It has great suction; in addition to my floors I use it to do my huge sectional all the time and it does an amazing job! I have 3 cats who shed a lot and a new baby just learning to crawl so this thing gets used daily! It's not super light but not terribly heavy. The ONLY drawback for me is that there is not enough places on the vacuum for all the attachments. Not a big deal at all, the long piece stays in the closet and I stick the brush under the handle of the bin. One thing to mention, definitely wash the filters on a regular basis! I thought the vacuum was dying on me when it began making this high-pitched noise and not suctioning well. I was bummed until I realized I needed to wash both filters, and often. Since then no problems!

  • Antonio - Cheaply made, way overpriced

    I ordered a set of WeatherTech laser fit mats for my 2010 BMW X5. This product is really disappointing. The passenger and second row mats fit okay. But the driver mat is about ½ inch too small all around. It constantly slides around. They are all made of thin shinny plastic, with no grid underneath to hold them in place. I called their customer service and I was told that I had to use Velcro to hold the driver side mat from moving around! Really? How about producing a mat that actually fits? McNeil never misses an opportunity to tell Americans that these mats are made in the USA. Sorry to say that the quality of this product couldn't compete with cheap Chinese knock offs.

  • Jean Carol Berg - Disappointed

    I thought that it was too much a biography and not clear enough about the supplements that are needed for the different diseases.

  • Brian - I cant envision paying for it could make it any better

    After spending the better part of the day trying to figure out the free "test" I've given up. I tried drawing up a room going at it from different angles and it always comes out like crap. Get one wall the right length and all the other are out of whack, Fix them and now the angles are all askew, fix the angles and the lengths of the walls change. I'm just gonna get some graph paper and do it in a fraction the time. If a wall is 20 ft. at one end and I enter 20 for the other end the angles shouldn't go haywire. Ridiculous nonuser friendly program.

  • Elis - Excellent Resource

    I bought this review to help me study for the new computer-based GRE. So far, the studying has gone great. I was able to identify my strenghts and weaknesses and it feels great to have information on what to expect, exercises, online practice and a CD.

  • David Marshall - Save your money.

    Save your money. When I purchased the luminess system, I idea it was a club that continues to charge your credit card. Totally disgusted.