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  • A Alston - Perfect and well planned guide to earn extra money

    Reading this book you will learn about different passive income streams and its role in helping you live a more fruitful and richer life. Generating passive income is not emphasized in our society and it is not fit with the traditional idea of serving and doing labor for 40 to 50 years of our lives. This book will make you familiarize yourself with the benefits and advantages that passive income can do for you. So let us learn everything needed to know about passive income. Surely you will be tension free about your extra money.

  • nini - This product couldn't have come at a better time. My two boys are both sick and ...

    This product couldn't have come at a better time. My two boys are both sick and have fevers. I have an under the arm thermometer, but it takes a little time and I have to hold them to stop them from wiggling. I was hoping is was going to be different. This thermometer does its job and takes very accurate temperature, from I have seen. The only problem I have with it, is that it isn't accurate if you have a wiggly child or the forehead part isn't directly flat on the forehead. It isn't the products fault that it wasn't working for my children unless they were really still. It's a great product and did its job well, but it was just hard to get my children to sit still with it so maybe it's better for older kids/adults. Overall, I am very pleased with the way it works though!

  • michael j rivera - Let there be light!

    Totally satisfied with these. Item arrived in two days exactly as advertised. I put out to charge for a full day and at night they all popped on beautifully. These are a bit stronger (brighter) then others I have bought before but still in the "accent" light realm. I love the fact of the lifetime guarantee and have even received email directly from seller reminding me of the warranty if I ever have an issue. All the other Solar light I purchased have all just stopped working after about 1 year.

  • M. Swan - This is NOT BAD to install

    If you're running Office 2010 and especially Windows 7, then you must have a fairly decent machine ... am I right? Well then what is the big deal about the install?

  • Arley - Hard to keep this one on my shelf

    I've owned five or six different editions of this annual over the last 25 years and I've never been disappointed. Why do I keep buying it? Because I keep giving it away to friends and associates who find themselves without a job. Oh and because I've been there a few times myself.