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  • Akitamom2000 - Great Product

    I've used this upon recommendation from my daughter's pediatrician. I was using Desitin when she was first born and she kept getting diaper rash. I learned from her doctor that some rash cream that are scented, along with wipes, can be irritating. She swore by Balmex. We've used it ever since and have never had a problem! We put it on like spackle.

  • Amazon Customer - Happy with my purchase!!!!

    I bought this Barbie for a birthday gift for a 5 year old girl and she loved it! The Barbie was originally 30 dollars and I got it on sale for 15. She was a beautiful doll that came in a nice, collectible box. Great purchase

  • mikesfishnchips - Fits my Moto X (first gen) with lots of room ...

    Fits my Moto X (first gen) with lots of room to spare. Operating the touch screen through the bag works quite well, but operating the physical buttons on the side of the phone through the edges of the bag is a bit more difficult. It hasn't gone underwater with my phone in it yet, though I did test it with a prolonged submersion stuffed with paper towels, and they came out quite dry.

  • Vin Z - Nice, but there are better

    It really could use a display that is always on (you have to tap it for it to show what percentage (each LED represents 20%) of your daily step goal you have achieved). Also, it occasionally goes into "Sleep" mode when shaken vigorously when drying hands after washing, but is easy to recover to normal mode. Charging it every 5 days is a pain since you may be out and about when it quits due to low battery. The iPhone app and PC software with activity tracker are great. Subsequently, I bought a Garmin Vivofit which combines pedometer, heart monitor (with strap) since I do a lot of stationary bike work with no arm movement, and watch into one device with a continuous digital display and year long battery life. I like it better. I gave the Fitbit to my wife to try.

  • Daniel H. - Understandably hefty price, but well worth it.

    This is the ultimate gaming mouse in my opinion, and has a cost to match. It feels very high quality, even though it is mostly, if not all plastic. They did this to save weight, and the difference is clear. It is extremely light, almost unbelievably light. It is almost like a stripped out super car, they save weight wherever possible, they even removed the unnecessary parts of the scroll wheel, making it spoked, almost like a bike wheel. While each individual weight shedding may seem insignificant and negligible, they all add up to something astonishing. The light weight may not be for everyone, but personally, I think it is fantastic. The RGB lighting is a nice feature, but it eats up a decent amount of power. I keep it set to breathing, to save power. I would set it to off, but then it doesn't even display the current DPI setting when you change it, you're left guessing and estimating. It is ambidextrous with 11 possible programmable buttons (left click, right click, scroll wheel left/right/down, DPI Up/Down, two on the right side, two on the left) you can remove the ones on the left and the right, replacing them with a solid, single piece that doesn't move. I have both buttons on both sides, just to add options. It is extremely comfortable for an ambidextrous mouse, but not quite as comfortable as a mouse like the G502. It doesn't have as many buttons as the G700s, but has plenty for just about anything besides MOBA's where you need tons of macros. The sensor is quite simply, the best sensor on the market, I won't touch on that much, as you can find plenty on this sensor elsewhere, and I am no expert. (It is the PMW3366). It has way more DPI than you would ever need, and is the most accurate sensor I've ever used. The software for this and all other Logitech peripherals is intuitive and a pleasure to use. It gives you more options than I know what to do with, but it does everything I need. I never once needed to look up help with it, because as I said, it is incredibly intuitive. Corsair could learn quite a few things from Logitech in this respect. The clocks are very satisfying and tactile. They are my personal favorites among any gaming mouse. The buttons on the side your thumb is on are very easy to press, while the ones on the opposite side are slightly tricky to press, but work well nonetheless. You can have multiple profiles and settings loaded on the mouse, available at the press of a button. The DPI switches are perfect for on the fly sensitivity adjustments, and I don't plan on ever using them for macros. The difference in input time between wired, and either wireless setup is not just negligible, I couldn't even notice if I tried. I put lag on wireless mice has always bugged me with all the other wireless mice I've tried, and I'm thankful it is a non-issue here. The approximate battery life without lighting is 35 hours, but it is reduced to 29 with breathing and 25 with all out RGB. As I said, I keep mine at breathing to strike a compromise between battery life, usability, and the cool factor. Being a full time college student, and part time Home Depot Employee, I understand budgeting my money. I had a G700s, but was unsatisfied with it, and decided to sell it when the G900 came out. I have a weekly salary of between $200 and $300, so this was not a small purchase for me. I am happy to inform you, that this purchase was worth every penny, and is not just the best wireless mouse on the market, but the best gaming mouse on the market. If you play only MOBA games, I would recommend something with more buttons, and if you play many genres of games, including MOBA's, I would recommend this mouse either by itself, or complimented by a cheap MOBA mouse, if you can afford that. The accuracy in MOBA mice isn't as important as for an FPS mouse, so the quality of the sensor and therefore the price, will be lower depending on your needs. Overall, I would give this mouse a 9.5 out of 10 which rounds up to a 5/5. If you're looking for a high quality mouse perfect for first person shooters, look no further.

  • Marcio - Kenzo Jungle

    I bought it for my mom.... SHE LOVED IT!!!! ... She already told me that next time she needs a perfume, she will ask me...he he he

  • Amazon Customer - Disappointed!

    I've ordered this product in December, 2013 and this is March 11, 2014. I didn't open it until January to use it and it started having problems in February. I cannot return it because of 30 day expiration. I feel like it was a refurbished phone, not a new one so I have lost my money on this product.