Renewal Awards - Redevelopment Renewal Awards is the annual recognition of the outstanding renewal projects to the Renewal Industry. The Renewal Awards categories are: Environmental Impact, Economic Development, Social Development, Sustainability, Renewable Energy.

  • Environmental Impact - Environmental Impact Awards is the annual recognition of the outstanding renewal projects. The winners in the Environmental Impact category demonstrate the use of innovative environmental solutions in the project.
  • Economic Development - Economic Development Award is the annual recognition of the outstanding renewal projects. The winning projects in the Economic Impact category represent redevelopments that create long-term economic benefits to local communities
  • Social Impact - The winners in the Social Impact category represent redevelopment projects that create long-term social benefits to local communities. Social benefits include improved human health and safety, decreased local crime rates, and increased job opportunities in the communities surrounding the site

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  • Michael P. Markley - Awesome!

    A big holiday winner. I wish I bought one for everyone. Everyone loves to look up their favorite record or try to find a record they think they can break. Three éclair's in a minute eleven, I can do that.

  • Janet Brunner - Very quiet compared to most

    Having had many different coffee grinders in the past, the Secura is definitely the quietest one I've ever used. Does an exceptional job of grinding for our drip coffee maker. Only one thing that's kind of a bother - I wish it would hold more beans :)

  • Haily Radnor - Great Ball

    Great all around indoor ball. The grip allows me to set the ball fairly descent; additionally I can get a really good standing floater serve in. The only thing that concerns me is that I do have to check the PSI before every use. It does seem to require some air more often than not; but then again this is my first ball I've ever purchased so I don't know if all balls require that or not. Either way, this is my go to ball.

  • American Gothic - Fits well, no blue stripe on the black pair, air out before wearing

    We ordered the black pair of sleeves in XXL at the recommendation of Mava's customer service. My husband's knee fits in the XXL range but his calf is about an inch and a half larger than the maximum knee measurement due to years of bicycle racing in younger years so he was concerned he might not be able to pull the sleeve over his calf. The good news is he can pull it on over his calf. It takes a little effort, but once it's over his calf, it fits well.