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  • Amazon Customer - Completely Impressive Product

    I have to admit that I was skeptical about this product because I had been through so many similar products that didn't work. I have a male cat who recently had a UTI and had some areas where he had "accidents". I had tried everything to remove the odor and had finally decided that we were going to have to just rip everything out and recarpet. I came across Urine Off and after reading the reviews I decided to go for one last desperate attempt. I followed the directions exactly (I ended up using the whole gallon so if you have a recurring problem I would order 2 right from the beginning). I covered the area with a tarp and left it for 24 hours. I was shocked when I removed the tarp. The odor is completely gone! This is a fantastic product.

  • T-Dubbs - Very Much Distinctive Difference

    Every once in a while you come across a product that "wows" you. I'm a tremendous gadget guy. I have a room full of them in my house. Most are useful, some are crap. After my first sip of beer using the Fizzics I knew this would end up in my gadget hall of fame (along with my first TiVo DVR, Keurig and electric pressure cooker). Whenever I go out to eat at a restaurant I always ask "what do you have on draft". I love a good draft beer over a bottled or canned any day. Sometimes you get disappointed because the establishment doesn't keep up with cleaning the tap lines and you end up with a musky astringent tasting brew. That being said, I will always take my chances on ordering a draft over bottled. The Fizzics system is exactly as advertised. The bottle of Sam Adams Oktoberfest that I tried was fresher, creamier and smoother than the ordinary straight from the bottle or bottle to glass experience I've had in the past. I'm so excited to try try other brews like stouts, porters and other Fall beers that I believe definitely lose something between tap and bottle. T

  • Libby M Christensen - Started to smoke

    I really liked the first comfort zone refill I used. However I noticed that I could see a smoke coming from it. It was about mid way through the container. I ended up pulling it out of the outlet and it smelled like it was burning. Too afraid to use it on the other container.