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  • Zane Lipsitz - Very good bluray worth the money

    A very good and well compiled bluray with tons of unexpected extras. Extras include a prime 9 list of Tony La Russa moments, complete NLCS Game 5, the World Series parade and more. All in one disc is 4+ hours of footage. If you can, purchase the bluray version of this awesome product.

  • mary - For the first time my hair looks like I got it curled at the salon

    I bought this straight from the site. I struggled with it at first and went to youtube for a tutorial. I think this to be very helpful: It took me a minute to get the hang, and I won't say I mastered it, but my hair was curled on the first time using it, and I am NOT good with a curler (which is why I bought this). Below is a list of pros and cons, hopefully it will be helpful to some.

  • Retired Navy - A Great Ride

    This bike replaced a 13yo TREK 6500 and I couldn't be happier. The 2012 version of this bike has a few upgrades over the 2011 model most notably, 3x10 gearing and an improved fork/shock. While I had a $1431 budget (moving company payout for crushing my old bike), I decide I didn't need that much bike for the kind of riding I do. This is an XC bike, and that's the kind of riding I will using it for. I live in coastal SC. Forest trails, swampy areas, and the occasional downed tree. I appreciate the lock out front fork for the frequent transitions from asphalt, trails, open forest,and back.

  • R. Caswell - Amazing!!!

    I have a black car. Did that get your attention?? I have an '03 VW Jetta and while my car has always shined up pretty well, every time I take it to the stealership I know there's going to be some fine scratches somewhere the mechanics were working at. I hate it when I look at my car in the sun because I always notice that stuff. So last year I read a lot of reviews on scratch removal, tried a bunch of expensive things, and nothing seem to work on those pesky fine scratches. For those of you who know, anytime you even look at a black car you're going to get fine scratch somewhere because of it. So I read this article about Quixx and thought "It couldn't hurt." So I bought it and it sat in my basement for a while because I had really bigtime doubts. Today I had to do a couple things to my car and figured I would finally give Quixx a shot. So I found a tiny scratch, followed the instructions and "POOF!" the scratch was gone. No fine white line remaining, no nothing. I figured I would give it a shot on a larger, more noticable scratch and "POOF!" that one was gone. THEN I took a flashlight and followed up over the spots I used Quixx on and STILL did not see anything. I am now a believer. Since car paint is a "poly" I'm guessing it manipulates the paint to close the gap where the scratch is. I read a lot of reviews on here where people said it messed up thier paint. Again I am guessing they had older paint and would not reccommend using it on an older paint job. My only suggestion is to follow up with your own polish afterwards. That polish cloth they give you scared me a little bit and while it did shine up, my polish and cloth works better for that. I am actually looking foward to going back over my entire car with the stuff, I highly recommend it!

  • Becca - Great for peach fuzz

    These are great for the peach fuzz on the sides of your cheeks and jaw; however, I don't find them to be effective on coarser hair like on the upper lip. That's unfortunate because who wants to have to do more than one operation to remove facial hair?? I was hoping this gadget would do it looks like it's back to threading for me. At least my cheeks are gloriously fuzz-free :)

  • Sarah S - Effective at Whitening Teeth

    These white strips are awesome! Not to mention, this is an amazing value compared to the cost of the strips at big box retailers. I really love using them, and have had no issue with sensitivity. I've seen increased whiteness, and find they're convenient to throw on for my morning drive, etc. I'd definitely recommend both the product and the price point.

  • mary veal - NCLEX-PN 2014-2015 Amazon Order

    I am very satisfied with my order process and the KAPLAN NCLEX-PN 20124-2015 book. I believe it has prepared me to know what is ahead of me in the nursing program. I am looking forward to completing my studies in the LPN program and successfully taking the NCLEX-PN exam. Thanks to amazon and the retailers of this book. I am on my way.