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  • http://www.retinadoctor.com.au/about-dr-chauhan/ About Dr. Devinder Chauhan – Ophthalmic Surgeon | Retina - Dr. Devinder Chauhan is a retinal and macular specialist with 15 years of experience. Learn more about him and his areas of specialisation today.
  • http://www.retinadoctor.com.au/about-dr-chauhan/research-papers/ Have a glance to the research papers of Retina Doctor - Dr. Devinder Chauhan has undertaken much research on various eye condition and diseases. Browse through his research papers to learn more.
  • http://www.retinadoctor.com.au/about-dr-chauhan/practive-locations/ Read More About Vision Retinal Institute Eastern - Dr. Devinder Chauhan’s main practice is Vision Retinal Institute Eastern in Box Hill. Learn more about this practice and others he consults at today.
  • http://www.retinadoctor.com.au/about-the-eye/ How Eye Works | Understand eye condition @ Retina doctor - Obtain detailed information about the eye, allowing you to better understand your condition. Learn more with Dr. Devinder Chauhan today.
  • http://www.retinadoctor.com.au/about-the-eye/the-eye/ How the Eye Works | Retina Doctor - The eye is a complex body part that works to capture and transmit images to the brain. Learn more with this informative text and video.
  • http://www.retinadoctor.com.au/about-the-eye/the-retina/ Learn About the Retina | Retina Doctor - Learn more about the retina with Dr. Devinder Chauhan. Read information about the photoreceptors, the RPE, and more.
  • http://www.retinadoctor.com.au/about-the-eye/the-macula/ Learn About the Macula | Retina Doctor - Want to know more about the macula? Learn what the macula is and discover how it works with other parts of the eye when looking directly at objects.
  • http://www.retinadoctor.com.au/about-the-eye/the-vitreous/ Learn About the Vitreous | Retina Doctor - The vitreous is a transparent, gel-like substance that fills the back of the eye. Learn more about the vitreous today with Dr. Devinder Chauhan.
  • http://www.retinadoctor.com.au/about-the-eye/the-retinal-blood-vessels/ About Retinal Blood Vessels | Retina Doctor - Retinal blood vessels are a vital part of the eye, carrying oxygen and nutrients within the retina. Learn more now with Dr. Devinder Chauhan.
  • http://www.retinadoctor.com.au/about-the-eye/the-lens/ Learn About the Eye Lens | Retina Doctor - The lens of the eye is a remarkable structure that allows the eye to focus on objects around us. Learn more about the lens with Dr. Devinder Chauhan.
  • http://www.retinadoctor.com.au/about-the-eye/the-cornea/ Learn About the Cornea | Retina Doctor - Are you aware of the cornea in your eye? To help you better understand it, Dr. Devinder Chauhan has provided this detailed information.
  • http://www.retinadoctor.com.au/about-the-eye/the-aqueous-humour/ The Aqueous Humour | Retina Doctor - Learn more about the aqueous humour in the eye with this helpful information and diagram. Discover what aqueous humour is and learn how it works today.
  • http://www.retinadoctor.com.au/about-the-eye/the-iris/ Learn About the Iris | Retina Doctor - On this page, Dr. Devinder Chauhan shares his knowledge of the iris of the eye. Learn more about this fascinating structure today.
  • http://www.retinadoctor.com.au/about-the-eye/the-optic-nerve/ Learn About the Optic Nerve | Retina Doctor - The optic nerve is responsible for carrying visual signals to the brain. Learn more about this crucial structure of the eye with Dr. Devinder Chauhan.
  • http://www.retinadoctor.com.au/tests-consultation/ High quality Test and Consultation available at Retina Doctor - A number of tests and Consultation are available to help identify, diagnose and treat problems in the eye. Learn more about these tests and Consultation today. 
  • http://www.retinadoctor.com.au/tests-consultation/what-happens-during-my-visit/ What happens at a consultation? - Retina doctor - Interested in learning what occurs during a consultation with Dr. Devinder Chauhan? This informative page lets you know what to expect.
  • http://www.retinadoctor.com.au/tests-consultation/consultation-with-dr-chauhan/ Consultation with Dr. Devinder Chauhan | Retina Doctor - Ready to organise a consultation with Dr, Chauhan? Learn what a consultation involves for urgent and non-urgent procedures, or get in touch to learn more.
  • http://www.retinadoctor.com.au/tests-consultation/vision-tests/ Vision Tests & Eye Charts | Retina Doctor - There are a number of tests that can be used to determine your level of vision. Discover some of the most common ones today, including vision charts.
  • http://www.retinadoctor.com.au/tests-consultation/dilating-drops/ Dilating Eye Drops | Retina Doctor - Wondering what dilating eye drops are used for? Learn why these drops are used and how they work to enlarge the pupil of the eye.
  • http://www.retinadoctor.com.au/tests-consultation/optical-coherence-tomography-oct/ Optical Coherence Tomography, OCT - Retina doctor - Quick and comfortable, an OCT scan allows vital information to be obtained for diagnosis of many eye conditions. Learn more about OCT scans today.
  • http://www.retinadoctor.com.au/tests-consultation/wide-field-retinal-photography/ Wide Field Retinal Photography | Retina Doctor - Wondering how wide field retinal photography works? Dr. Devinder Chauhan explains what it is and how it’s used to diagnose and monitor retinal conditions.
  • http://www.retinadoctor.com.au/tests-consultation/autofluorescence-imaging/ Autofluorescence Imaging of the Eye | Retina Doctor - An autofluorescence image can be used to determine problems with the retinal pigment epithelium. Learn more today with Dr. Chauhan.
  • http://www.retinadoctor.com.au/tests-consultation/fluorescein-icg-angiography/ Fluorescein and ICG angiograms - Retina doctor - Retinal angiography involves injecting dyes into the bloodstream to get images of retinal blood vessels. Learn about fluorescein and ICG angiograms today.
  • http://www.retinadoctor.com.au/tests-consultation/oct-angiography/ OCT Angiography Eye Imaging | Retina Doctor - OCT angiography is an innovative new imaging technology that’s used to map retinal blood vessels. Learn more today with Dr. Devinder Chauhan.
  • http://www.retinadoctor.com.au/tests-consultation/a-scan-biometry/ A-Scan Biometry | Retina Doctor - A-Scan biometry measurements of the eye are taken without any pain or contact with the eye. Learn more today with Dr. Devinder Chauhan.
  • http://www.retinadoctor.com.au/tests-consultation/b-scan-ultrasound/ B-Scan Ultrasound of the Eye | Retina Doctor - A B-Scan ultrasound allows for a cross-sectional image of the eye to be obtained. Learn what this imaging technique involves and what it’s used for.
  • http://www.retinadoctor.com.au/conditions/ Macular Conditions | Retinal Blood Vessel Conditions - Need help understanding different eye conditions? Learn more about macular conditions, retinal blood vessel conditions and others with detailed information.
  • http://www.retinadoctor.com.au/conditions/age-related-macular-degeneration-amd/ Age Related Macular Degeneration - AMD Disease | Retina Doctor - Learn more about age related macular degeneration (AMD disease) and discover the current age related macular degeneration treatments available.
  • http://www.retinadoctor.com.au/conditions/posterior-vitreous-detachment-pvd/ Posterior Vitreous Detachment Treatment | Retina doctor - Want to learn more about posterior vitreous detachment? Discover causes, symptoms and more with this informative page.

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  • Sally Tarbet - Terrible, Pump failed in 12 uses

    I wouldn't buy another HAAN product. The pump failed within 12 uses... Not covered under warranty because it was over a year old. Waste of money. Disapponted in the customer service when I called to see if I could buy another pump. The answer was "no, we don't sell those." I asked if I could buy the center unit section "oh, no, we don't sell those seperately". So because a (probably) $3 part has failed I have to throw a $100 unit in the trash. How wasteful is that??? It is driving me crazy that I have to toss this thing away. Haan is not a very 'green' company.

  • Paul D. Russ Jr. - Great buy!

    i received my spy pen quickly and it worked just fine. though the instruction manual print was tiny, they provided a web site where i could download a pdf copy of the full size manual which was very helpful.

  • Marissa - Not Really Sure If This Was A Good Idea

    I have never owned a floor steamer and having read some reviews, I decided to buy the Haan brand. This SI-70 model got less favorable reviews than the SI-60. This floor steamer does clean your floor but you must "pre-clean" them first with a Swiffer to get the dirt, dust and cat hairs off. Otherwise, you'll end up with more dirt than this steam mop can handle. This steamer worked well in removing some dried up cat throw-ups. The steam loosens the debris. The stiff microfiber cloth picks the rest of it up. The floor steamer doesn't save you any time in cleaning but it makes it a little easier to do. The microfiber cloth is great in trapping dirt and grime compared to a wet mop that ends up just moving the dirt around.

  • Larry Schultz - Thank you so much for your immediate response to my ...

    Thank you so much for your immediate response to my purchase! A must read book for anyone who has arthritis!!

  • Pedro Alvarez - Excellent fitment cap. Must Have

    This shouldnhave been standard. The capnis amazing and it works. I had my truck washed at a touchless car wash and you know how many nozzles are workong at once. This little cap actually kept water out even tho it still went inside ghe fuel door, the fill hole stayed dry. It is important that you keep the thicker o-ring in my opinion because once it comes in contact with water it gets kinda loose, you dont want that so make sure you use the thicker one just to be safe. The stock DEF cap does an excellent job but they do sell the aluminum one if you want to get it. This should have been standard on all Ram trucks. Come on Dodge Ram, get your s**** together!!