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  • Lorraine E. Jensen - Two thumbs up!

    It took me just 30 minutes to make my will using Willmaker 2010. I showed to my brother-in-law, the fancy lawyer (OK, he's also a nice guy) and he gave it two thumbs up. And, oh by the way Willmaker is about half the price of "Legal Zoom". And I get Nolo's famous reliability.

  • Delores Hardin - Great machine.

    This machine is great. It requires very little adjusting to switch from lightweight to heavy fabrics. The controls are easy to see and reach. Threading the machine is quick and easy, too. I make handbags for a non-profit and the machine handles the multiple layers of fabric well. My only complaint is that the lever to lift the presser foot is at the back and is a little harder to reach than the one on my other machine. The power switch is also at the back on the right end. These are not big problems, but took some adjusting for me.

  • Steuerberater - A Consistently Dependable Performer

    TurboTax is a reliable, thoroughly modern tool for addressing one of the most vexatious tasks in all of small preparation. In Interview mode you are introduced in a mostly painless way to the intricacies of the tax code that even professionals don't always grasp. You can then switch to Forms mode and see on facsimiles of the actual schedules how your answers set up. This modality is not unique to TurboTax, but the TT Business team has commendably sought to continuously refine and streamline the process.

  • 60srocker - It's OK.

    My Garmin is better, but this one works on a computer with a large screen, so, in some ways, it is better than my Garmin. I already had the USB GPS plugin, so, with power, I can use this on my Netbook as a decent GPS. My use of it is usually limited to route picking for long trips, while I let my Garmin do the turn-by-turn stuff. When they don't agree, I take the Streets and Trips route and wait for the Garmin to 'recalculate' for turns.

  • Amazon Customer - Made me sick!

    Moringa made me very sick. I took it in the morning, didn't eat for 15 min. as instructed, and became nauseous and had severe diarrhea for 2 days. I also became very dehydrated. This is scary stuff!

  • ynotfitness - Compare to Advocare Citrizinc

    I recently compared this item to Advocare Citrizinc. Same ingredients exactly and has no artifical colors/preservatives. I think this product helped us get thru cold/flu season without any major sicknesses. I use it as a preventive and have my kids take 1/day unless they catch a cold, then I up it to two/day.