Sanatorium Kilchberg | Privatklinik fьr Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie | Sanatorium Kilchberg - Wir sind ein modernes medizinisches Kompetenzzentrum und eine der fьhrenden Privatkliniken fьr Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie.

  • SymBalance: Burnout-Therapie | Zentrum fьr stressbedingte Erkrankungen | SymBalance burnout therapy - Immer mehr Menschen leiden an stressbedingten Erkrankungen. Das Seco schдtzt den durch Stress verursachten volkswirtschaftlichen Schaden auf ьber 4 Milliarden Franken jдhrlich

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    City: 8.8256 Schwyz, Switzerland

  • Darlene - This product saved my life in 2003

    Back in 2003 i was really sick. Was on Antibiotics for 7 months. My Dr. was going to give me a pill ( that would do damage to my liver) for all the yeast i had in my body. But went to the health store and a women told me about this. My Dr. said i could give it a try and 1 month later and after a blood test confirmed it the yeast was gone. Great product.

  • Jazmyn D - It's a NYT best-seller for a reason.

    For those of you who don't know, Luvvie is a long-time blogger and one of my favorites. I've been following her blog for years so when she announced that she was releasing a book this year I just knew I had to read it. I was ready to pre-order it before I knew what it was going to be about, and I wasn't the only one. There are quite a few of us in the LuvvNation and most of us felt the same way. We knew that Luvvie would remain true to her authentic self and she confirmed what I'd been thinking when she announced that the book would be more like an extension of her blog. She'd be touching on topics that she's no stranger to, but going more in depth and I praised Haysoos!

  • Mike R. - Great Set for the price

    Great Set for the price. I already own the more expensive T-Fal set but needed another set that was comparatively cheap and these were a perfect solution.

  • Kathy Hasty - This works better than the dyson

    This replaced a dyson that I didn't realize was crazy heavy until I got this little workhorse. I have MS and when the dyson died, I decided to try something lighter, and thought I would probably be trading power for weight. I was wrong. This works better than the dyson, and is so easy to carry. You can run it without the rotating brush for wand cleaning, or run it with the rotating brush for rugs and carpets. Just hold on to it because it will take off without you! You can also adjust the suction power which I thought I wouldn't use until I vacuumed the first area rug. It pulled it off the floor at full power. It also cuts off if something gets caught in it so you don't burn out the motor. I love this vacuum.

  • Amber - Great for any age!

    This is the second book in the Harry Potter series to be released in an illustrated version. I waited until this one came out to purchase the Sorcerer's Stone edition because I wasn't sure how much I wanted it. As an avid Harry Potter collector, it seemed more of like a thing to have for my collection but now that I have this one and the Sorcerer's Stone, I'm so excited to read them. The art work is not by the illustrator of the original covers and chapter pages and even the calendars I think however it's still gorgeous looking. It's honestly perfect for any age and gets me away from picturing Daniel Radcliffe any time I read Harry Potter to a more imaginative image of the world of Harry Potter. The dust jacket is removable so it can still be kept in a collection quality even if you read it and it has a built in book mark. Shipped and received fast through Prime however the top right corners on both were bent a little from shipping or packing. If you're looking for this just to collect it might be better to purchase in a book store so you can review the quality first.

  • Renee R. Benson - DO NOT BUY!

    I bought this with my brand new top of the line HP computer running Windows 7 Professional. I bought the professional version for added abilities with power point and word. However, I have been so frustrated with the email that I haven't even ventured there. (Puchased February 2013) The Outlook program consistently "hangs" when I try to read emails saying "contacting server for information" even when I have previously viewed the email I am attempting to access. This requires opening task manager, closing and restarting the Outlook program. It is a PITA! I have attempted to import emails from a portable storage device according to MS's instruction to no avail. This required downloading windows live mail as Outlook 2013 will not import directly from XP professional. The folder shows up on the computer, but I cannot see any of the emails. Save yourself the trouble and stay with 2010. I would give 0 stars if I was able.

  • Luz Montalvo - ... the outcome my conscience will be clear I also recommend watching all the "Purge" movies this country sure as ...

    Bless you Dinesh for all you do I for one will not be part of the "Democratic Plantation" coming this election whatever party you are reading this and seeing "Clinton Cash" will at least make you have an informed decision when you vote whatever the outcome my conscience will be clear