Jeanette Fisher's Saving Sara Seizure Medicine Information - Saving Sara explores radical medical practices and the unreported side effects of commonly used seizure control medicines.

  • Saving Sara | Disabilities - My heart goes out to parents of children who become disabled in childhood. The pain is like losing a child because in reality you lose the child you know and have to learn how to cope with a new set of challenges.
  • VNS Implant Surgery - The surgery for each patient differs. This is the account of Sara Fisher's VNS implant surgery.
  • VNS Surgery - A week after putting our daughter Sara through this painful medical procedure, I found a website forum slamming the radical VNS implant surgery.
  • You Need to Know what the Doctors Don't Tell You about the VNS Implant - One important thing doctors forget to tell you before they implant the VNS in a $23,000 surgery:
  • Books by Author Jeanette Fisher - Sara's mother Jeanette Fisher is the author of real estate investing, home staging, and interior design books.
  • Jeanette Fisher's Saving Sara Seizure Medicine Information | Contact - If you would like more information about seizure control with VNS or the devastating effects of mysoline and valproic acid, we will try to answer your questions.
  • What is a seizure? - Seizures are like a sort of electrical storm in the brain, which temporarily short circuits. Different parts of the affected brain area result in different types of seizure.

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