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  • Cellular Phones Etc - Tried to Be a Brand Partner...This Product is Really Awful...

    We had some friends that told us about this and showed us the before and after pictures and it looked promising. However, my wife and I both tried it and had absolutely zero results. It stinks (like awful stinch...why can't they understand that about something that goes on your face?), it makes your skin tight and feels terrible on, and quite frankly doesn't work in our 2 month "trying to be a believer opinion"

  • T. Joad - No effect

    It's important to note that the ingredients in this product have not shown effectiveness in clinical trials. Perhaps, if they had, it would be moved to the toolbox of mainstream eye doctors. Having a few issues with my eyes, I figured I'd give it a try anyway. At the end of a bottle, taken as directed, I noticed no outcomes whatsoever. While this product be working in some mysterious behind-the-scenes way, that's not what I'm after and it'd be quite expensive to do a long-term trial.

  • F. Garcia - Great purchase and Surface alternative

    Great budget Surface alternative. Speedy 128G M.2 drive makes boot up superfast. Bluetooth keyboard attaches/detaches with powerful magnets extremely easily and best of all works attached or detached.12.5" screen is extremely sharp and responsive.So far, it's been a great purchase as I was looking to get a Microsoft Surface 4 and this cost half the price of the Surface 4 with similar specs and more importantly, WITH THE KEYBOARD

  • Steven Turner - Product quality of materials is great. Why do they have to put the bright ...

    Wow, I'm giving Weathertech one star. But they barely earned that. Product quality of materials is great. Why do they have to put the bright colorful Weathertech logo for everyone to see. Attention should not be towards a car mat! Don't appreciate them using my car as advertisement. Now onto the real problem, product design and engineering. Hands down, terrible. I can tell it's partly the car design but they could of done much better. They are simply too small and don't protect the carpet. As a reference the stock mats are bigger, they stick up past the top and down below and past the bottom. How can stock mats be bigger than $200 Weathertech's? If I'm driving with a soda between my legs and hit the brakes hard and it spills forward it will not even fall onto the mat, would hit the carpet. For those with wet or dirty shoes you can also expect your carpet to show it. Overall, this is my 4th and last set of Weathertech mats. It's embarrassing. I will say the back seat isn't bad but the front are terrible, both sides. Save your money, not worth it.