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    City: -98.3987 Texas, United States

  • JEANO - yum yum

    love apple juice drink one glass every day going buy every month this got to be best apple juice i ever bought

  • jany martina - Worth money

    A premium oil filter. Works well. No Problems at all easy to install. Another +1 product from K&N. I would recommend this product!

  • JB knows - Nice learning pad - very versatile

    We've had our leap pad since it came out, but I waited to write a review so that I could see how it was liked by 5yo DD, and how durable and kid friendly it turned out to be. Overall, DD enjoys it a lot. 13yo DD also plays it when she sees a new game has been added.

  • Murium - The Gaps book is informative with lifesaving knowledge

    I found this book to be informative with lifesaving knowledge. My 13 year old is diagnosed as developmental delay and while researching for a cure for his condition I came across the Gut and Psychology syndrome. After reading the book, I cooked some of the foods which was delicious. My family and I went on the gaps diet for 4 months – I saw an improvement in my son's behavior, he began taking internet in learning his school work and doing chores around the house; my 76 year old mom's blood pressure went down to 118/79, bad cholesterol was lowed & good up and the diabetes was completely reversed. I felt healthier, more energy. I stopped it because eating healthy is extremely expensive in this country but I must put my family back on the gaps diet because my and mom is getting sick again. Given time I believe my son will recover 100% from his condition.

  • nsgoldberg - AMAZING.

    This stuff is freaking amazing. You literally spray it on, wait 10 seconds and adhesive wipes right off.

  • Brenda - Like clicking sound

    We got this to help cope with our pet's passing. It's help her so much but 2 weeks In The toy started getting stuck with a sound mode. Like clicking sound. It's annoying and despite the amount of times we turn it off it'll keep doing it until it feels like resetting. We've changed the batteries and nothing. I even went by the store and exchanged for the same and it's even worse!!! I ran around like a nut to make sure my daughter would think her puppy "got better" while she was at school. Now it'll be an even greater disappointment. Do not get this!!!