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  • mac dre - I passed

    Washed my hair for one week with viniger tide oxy cleAn and selson blue With 3% Salic acid also used clean and clear deep cleaning astringent and lemon juice... Majuco method... Then day of test used this burns bad it worked

  • Amazon Customer - Love it

    Love this product! I think I would use regardless of if I am pregnant. It smells really great, and is made with all organic products. I am not big enough to really see if I will get stretch marks but I am using daily so we'll see!! I would recommend to anyone, just for the smell!!

  • R. Kemp - Buy Quicken Willmaker Premium 2010 instead

    Not sure why Amazon says the Premium version won't be released until Jan. 18. I bought it at Costco a couple of weeks ago. Shop for price before you buy.

  • Matt - Great ball, but scares my friends!

    Love this ball! Great feel to it and it's cool to be able to see the spin of the ball so clearly in the air.

  • PaulJohnson - Good Way to learn guitar

    5 months later I can play just about all the chords and have learned a lot. The Rocksmith Guitar comes with it and mine is still working fine and at some point I will upgrade, but for my level and the Price it cost it works.. Very Good software and Learning package, very well thought out. Could you a better mix of Songs to Learn, lots of Heavy Metal and could use some toned down Rock songs that move a little slower for beginners.. Very Pleased though

  • Nelson - Dont waste your time

    This is nothing but a very expensive fruit drink I don't know how they can get away with selling this trash...

  • Amazon Customer - Beautiful!

    She is beautiful! I buy one every year for my granddaughter, I just gave her this one and she Loved it!!!