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  • Kristina Mercado - For anyone chronically suffering and Docs can't help...

    Donna gates and all of her research has changed my life as well as a lot of my friends who I have introduced this book to. My one friend is about 70 years old and was on the verge of diabetes, she lost 20 pounds in a month and is Kickin butt. I also battled candida and figured out through this book how to manage it. I don't follow it like a Bible as I should because of will power but I do my best to incorporate as many of these habits as I can and I've noticed as I get older it's easier once I know what I am doing to my body and getting used to new habits takes some time. The results will help you stick with it because looking and feeling fabulous well feels fabulous! Thank you so much, I recommend this book to everyone, yes everyone haha.

  • Brandon Cooper - they felt very comfortable in my ears.

    Working out and listening to music has always been a struggle for me. I am tall, and my phone is huge, and so figuring out how to wire my headphones has always been a nightmare. During a 3 mile run, I could expect my older headphones to pop out of my ear sockets at least 10 times, and it was one of the most frustrating experiences about my runs. Also, adjusting volume and skipping tracks was a pain. For a while now, most bluetooth headphones were out of my budget range, and I did not want to shell out more than $10 for headphones. After going through 4 pairs of headphones over 2 years, I decided to give the bluetooth ones a try.

  • Donald R. Fuller, Sr. - Problems with Peachtree Pro Accounting 2010, Perhaps I needed Peachtree AMATURE Accounting 101

    It lacks a clear and editable format to its ledger posting page. It uses vendor numbers instead of names for vendors, and it is not possible to extend the space for vendor identification if you would elect to use a name or abbreviation for vendors. The whole program is difficult to get around in, and perhaps is intended for 'educated' bookkeepers rather than the average small business operator. I would not recommend this program unless you have had some bookkeeping training. I have maintained my business for over 30 years with other programs and have found the switch to be confusing and overly complicated.

  • Tiffanie Rector - Fits and works but cheap quality

    Mediocre. Kit is cheap and broke when removing to change some wires. Unfortunately only option I can fint but at less than $10 if you install it once it works good, jsut dont expect the tabs to not break.

  • Ryan C. - Good protection for the price

    This is my third antivirus in four years and so far I like this the best. I think it is easy to use, has good protection and doesn't bog down my system like other antivirus products out there. I would definitely recommend.

  • OwNer - Good product to improve running efficiency as well.

    First time I had a chance to use my moov this morning. Used in conjunction with Garmin forerunner 125 and runkeeper on iPhone 5s to compare.

  • LoveMyKids - Love the song list

    Love the song list on this one. I've bought these games before, and sometimes they have too many old hits and not enough new ones.