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  • Hva er manuellterapi? - Manuellterapi er en 2-årig mastergradsutdanning på universitetsnivå for fysioterapeuter som fører til spesialkompetanse om tilstander relatert til muskel- og
  • Om meg - Fra 1. september 2015 jobber jeg som manuellterapeut og primærkontakt ved Jeløy Fysioterapi i Moss. Denne fagbloggen vil foreløpig få mer utløp for
  • Lenker - Aktuelle lenker relatert til generell helse og aktivitet: Formidlingsenheten for muskel-og skjelettlidelser - FORMI Senter for
  • M A N U E L L T E R A P I - Smerter og datavirus? - I takt med den teknologiske utviklingen har vi de siste 20-30 årene lært mer om smerter enn de siste 1000 forrige årene. Det er allikevel en stor utfordring å
  • M A N U E L L T E R A P I - Forskning og filosofi i helse - For litt over ett år siden skrev jeg et sted; hvor går grensen mellom forskning og filosofi? Spørsmålet ble dessverre ikke besvart, men det var muligens
  • M A N U E L L T E R A P I - Musikkterapi fra et nevromuskuloskeletalt perspektiv? - Formålet med denne posten er å dele noen tanker jeg har gått med en god stund, oppsummere og samle noe av det teoretiske grunnlaget for, og forhåpentligvis
  • M A N U E L L T E R A P I - What are these “turf wars” founded on? - Some months ago, I wrote a post in Norwegian (Datatrøbbel) where I tried to calm my nerves on why there seems to be so much disagreement between the health care
  • M A N U E L L T E R A P I - Forstå smerter: Hva det er og hva man kan gjøre med det - hva er smerte smerter vondt ubehag kronisk langvarig ischias hodepine verk verking frisk syk
  • M A N U E L L T E R A P I - Datatrøbbel i muskel- og skjelettverden - "Muskel- og skjelettlidelser er den hyppigste årsaken til sykefravær og uføretrygd i Norge. I 2009 var dette hoveddiagnosen bak 41 % av sykefraværsdagene dekket
  • M A N U E L L T E R A P I - Del 3 – Evidensbasert praksis i manuellterapi: Integrasjon av pasientens verdier og forventning - Denne tredje og siste delen av bloggserien om evidensbasert praksis i manuellterapi omhandler kriteriet om integrasjon av pasientens verdier og forventning

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  • Mary Small - I am super excited about these lights

    I am super excited about these lights. I immediately put one above my front door and the other above my back door. They are super bright. They're so small that they're not even very noticeable until nighttime when they turn on. I love the green color of them too. Not only for the irony of it being green energy but because its a really pretty color. I can't wait to buy more and I would definitely recommend these to everyone!

  • working mom - Love Love Love Love!!!

    I've always purchased cheap nonstick pans, and after throwing them away every year due to scratches and easy wear/tear, I decided to invest a little more and purchase the BEST non-stick pans! I love these! The soup pans are great because they're deep, they're solid, and love the handles on them. They wash easy and so far, they cook super well! I just put a little EVOO in them to help and works great! DEFINITELY GET THESE!

  • Baba T - Works great BUT

    After several bottles used, I became allergic to it around my eye area. My Ophthalomologist prescribed some expensive ointment and the redness and,behold, the original puffiness went away! This's stuff can go bad quickly and gets grainy and turns white on application. Be careful who you buy it through.

  • Fonziemom - These are great shoes to wear all day

    These are great shoes to wear all day. They do run narrow, but i have a narrow foot, so that is perfect. I wear 8.5 in all my athletic shoes, and these are true to that size. Not much arch support or cushion. Don't think i would like them for a 4 mile power walk or anything, but they are great to wear all day on errands,etc.

  • Zach Redwood - I would definitely recommend Rotowire over any of the other companies putting out ...

    This is the one and only when it comes to Fantasy Football Magazines. Last years edition allowed me to draft an IDP team that finished #1 overall. They offer much more than just cheat sheets, with rookie evaluations, injury risks, IDP ranks (my favorite), and daily fantasy strategy. I would definitely recommend Rotowire over any of the other companies putting out fantasy guides.

  • Daniel - This is a nice product!

    My dad drinks a cup or two of these every morning and it has been helping him lose weight. He let me take a drink of this and it actually tasted pretty good (I myself don't like tea, but this was good!). My dad has been on this for about 2 months now and there is a difference in the weight from when he started to now!