Home | Silgan Plastics - Silgan Plastics is a leading manufacturer of stock available and custom plastic bottles, jars, tubes & closures in North America for healthcare, household/industrial, personal care and food segments. We provide our customers with high levels of quality, service and technological support, along with our value added design-focused products.

  • http://www.silganplastics.com/About Silgan Plastics | About Us - For more than 50 years, Silgan Plastics has defined the plastic bottling industry from technical innovation to creative packaging solutions. No matter what your packaging needs, Silgan can and will handle them. From creation to commercialization, our customized approach to each customer's requirements is what sets us apart from the rest.Have a special design need? Silgan will design it for you. We invite you to come to our Packaging Design Innovation Services and watch your brand take shape.
  • http://www.silganplastics.com/about-us/how-we-work Silgan Plastics | How We Work - For more than 50 years, Silgan Plastic’s has defined the plastic bottling industry from technical innovation to creative packaging solutions. From creation to commercialization, our customized approach to each customer’s requirements is what sets us apart from the rest. MinimumsLooking to purchase a plastic bottle, jar, or closure? Silgan Plastics sells direct to customers that meet a volume requirement of approximately 500,000 units+ per year. If you meet these minimums, please contact
  • http://www.silganplastics.com/about-us/vision1 Silgan Plastics | Our Vision - Our vision is simple.....the be the Customer's First Choice EVERY Time.Be the "Best at What We Do" in the markets we serve.We will be a trusted advisor proactively providing our customers with solutions utilizing our technical know-how and industry expertiseWe will be responsive to the needs of the marketplace with exceptional service, quality, reliability and valueWe will have the strongest customer relationships in the marketplaceWe will lead in market segments requiring differentiat
  • http://www.silganplastics.com/about-us/the-silgan-family the silgan family - Building franchise, Creating value.Headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut, Silgan Holdings Inc. is a leading manufacturer of rigid packaging for shelf-stable food and other consumer goods products with annual net sales of approximately $3.9 billion in 2014. The Company operates 87 manufacturing facilities in North and South America, Europe and Asia. Silgan is a leading supplier of metal containers in North America and Europe and a leading worldwide supplier of metal, composite and plastic clos
  • http://www.silganplastics.com/about-us/the-silgan-family/-silgan-containers silgan containers - The Leading Provider of Metal Packaging Solutions.As the largest provider of metal food packaging in the United States, Silgan Containers is trusted by America’s most respected brands. Every year, Silgan produces approximately 15 billion metal food containers at 29 manufacturing plants across the country. Our reputation is based on a foundation of quality, excellence and unsurpassed technical expertise, enabling us to be a dedicated solutions-based partner to our customers.The Roots of Our Kn
  • http://www.silganplastics.com/about-us/the-silgan-family/-silgan-closures silgan closures - “We are Obsessed with Getting a Perfect Fit”Silgan White Cap is a renowned supplier of Value-Added closure systems for food and beverage products in North and South America. As the leading global supplier of an extensive range of metal, plastic and composite vacuum holding closures, we can design an easy-to-open, easy-to-reseal and tamper-evident closure with a perfect fit for your container. No matter the shape. No matter the substrate.We’re Tops in Closure Integrity.Our technical service
  • http://www.silganplastics.com/about-us/the-silgan-family/-silgan-plastic-closure-solutions silgan plastic closure solutions - A Leading Manufacturer of High Performance, Tamper-evident Closures for Non-carbonated Beverage Products.Silgan Plastic Closure Solutions designs, manufactures and markets a wide range of closure products as well as equipment and engineering services for the dairy, juice, water, and other non-carbonated beverage markets. Our tradition with innovative tamper evident & seal integrity closure technologies now extends to new markets for Aseptic, Extended Shelf Life (ESL) and High Pressure Pasteuri
  • http://www.silganplastics.com/about-us/the-silgan-family/-silgan-plastic-food-containers silgan plastic food containers - Leading Plastic Container SupplierSilgan Plastic Food Containers is the leading supplier of high-barrier plastic packaging in the U.S and major supplier around the world. Our exclusive Rotary Thermoforming technology produces high precision containers suitable for double seam or heat seal closing systems. These containers are specifically designed for shelf-stable food applications, capable of withstanding high temperature and pressure of retorts sterilizers without side paneling or deformat
  • http://www.silganplastics.com/product_solutions Silgan Plastics | Product Solutions - Silgan's leading position in the market is largely driven by our customers' design, development and technological needs in the personal care, healthcare, food, household and industrial chemicals markets. Our resources are focused on delivering rapid-to-market, cost effective, innovative packaging solutions. As your trusted advisor, we continually evaluate new resins, colorants and additives, assessing the impact that these materials can have on the manufacturing process and performance of your p
  • http://www.silganplastics.com/capabilities-technologies/mold-available Silgan Plastics | Mold Available Bottles & Jars - From mono-layer PET and HDPE bottles to multi-layer configurations with PCR and nylon, the possibilities are endless. We can meet your needs with a family line offering or one specific bottle. Our extensive selection of mold-available bottles, jars and closures allow you to get to market quicker while managing costs. Our mold available bottles are available to customers who normally purchase in quantities of 100,000 or more. The lead times can vary (usually between 4-6 weeks) and the payment t
  • http://www.silganplastics.com/capabilities-technologies/stock-available Silgan Plastics Stock Available Bottles, Jars & Closures - Looking to purchase a plastic package for your product? Silgan’s large selection of high-quality stock jars and bottles can help your brand take shape.
  • http://www.silganplastics.com/products/Closures-Fitments Silgan Plastics | Closures & Fitments - Critical to every package is how it is sealed — and we can seal it for you. Silgan specializes in both single and multi-piece dispensing and non-dispensing closures and fitments for the food and spice markets. We're also quite proud of our ability to manufacture custom, injection-molded plastic closures and related components to the most detailed, exacting standards and offer you complete packaging options.

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  • C. Craig Coleman - Excellent military fantasy

    Excellent story, well told with good characterization. The pace was a tad slow but that was due to developing the plot and characters.

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    I bought this book on the basis of the many good reviews, and I'm only bothering to write this now to try to help others to avoid making the mistake. It's poorly written, derivative infantile dross. The characters are paper thin and unbelievable, the science is ridiculous and the story is riddled with obvious plot-holes. It's honestly one of the worst books I've ever read on my Kindle. I HATED it, and only finished it in case there was some amazing plot twist I might miss out on (there wasn't).

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    Provides useful advice for applying for scholarships, requesting letters or recommendation, and interviewing. The scholarships that it notes are accessible through free websites, and most of them did not apply to me personally. In addition, there were some scholarships that we no longer available.

  • Lilla Sweatt - I enjoyed this book immensely

    I enjoyed this book immensely. The author had a fast-paced narrative with well defined and well developed characters. The bad guys were villainous including the "governor." The good guys were real with problems; but yet, they were not saccharin. I look forward to part II.