No Boil Dental Night Guards & Breathing Aids | SleepRight - SleepRight has affordable dental night guards for teeth grinding, breathing aids for sleeping, lumbar support belts, side sleeping pillows and more.

  • Stop Snoring With SleepRight's Nasal Breathing Aid - SleepRight offers a unique nasal breathing aid to stop snoring, help with sinus congestion, and more without sticky and painful adhesive strips.
  • Soothe Sinuses with SleepRight's Vapor Inhaler - The SleepRight vapor inhaler helps reduce nasal congestion due to colds and allergies. The vapor inhaler delivers continuous soothing menthol.
  • Lavender Sleep Aid | SleepRight Intra-Nasal Sleep Inhaler - The SleepRight lavender sleep aid helps you fall asleep faster. This nasal sleep aid provides a calming lavender scent.
  • Reusable Ear Plugs | HearRight Volume Control Ear Plugs - The HearRight noise reduction ear plugs feature adjustable volume. These reusable ear plugs are made using washable foam.
  • Relieve Bad Breath | SleepRight Tongue Cleaning Scraper - The SleepRight tongue scraper helps remove bacteria that causes bad breath. Use the tongue cleaner and scraper daily as part of your hygiene regimen.
  • Support & Orthopedic Side Sleeping Pillows | SleepRight - Are you a side sleeper? The Side Sleeper Pillow from SleepRight helps alleviate neck pain associated with side sleeping at an affordable price.
  • Side Sleeping Memory Foam Lumbar Support Belt | SleepRight - Do you have lower back pain? SleepRight offers an affordable foam lumbar support belt to help with pain and provide a comfortable nights sleep.
  • Teeth Grinding Guard Helps You Sleep Soundly | SleepRight - Teeth grinding & clenching at night can lead to tooth pain & costly dental work, but the dental night guard from SleepRight can help prevent both.
  • Nasal Sinus Congestion Relief Products | SleepRight - Traditional breathing aids can be sticky and painful. SleepRight offers an affordable nasal breathing aid that is easy to use without sticky strips.
  • Stop Snoring Tonight With SleepRight's Snore Reducing Aids - The SleepRight nasal breathing aid is an inside the nose product and many people use this breathing aid at night to help stop snoring.
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  • C. H. Murrey - Great Performer Except Battery Life

    I bought this after seeing the TV Commercial and reading the previous reviews. I have three Scottish Terriers who bring the outside inside on a daily basis. This little vacuum more than handles their combined "footprint." Suction power is great, and ability to turn off roller helps immensely with area rug fringes. Battery power is the major disappointment. Indeed, you cannot waste time as your battery life will limit your square coverage. I was able to cover a 17 x 21, a 10 x10, a 20 x 8 and 12 x 14 room on one charge. That said, if more attention to detail was paid to nooks I am not sure I would have acheived this much. Like the previous reviewer I am debating keeping the machine. An extra battery might alleviate the problem - however, with ability to only charge one battery at a time you are really looking at a six hour gap between cleanings. I plan to call Hoover to see what extra battery/charger options, if any are available. With battery improvement I would give 5 stars without hesitation. For small spaces this is a great product. Also, you will most likely have to empty the vacuum at least once during a 3-4 room cleaning. I did not find this difficult, nor too messy.

  • northgamommy - I'll admit I was duped into purchasing this one after seeing the "If you like..

    Wow. I'll admit I was duped into purchasing this one after seeing the "If you like....then read this...". I also was lured in by the many positive reviews. After reading it however, I was floored by how awful it was. While it wasn't the absolute worst thing I've ever read, it is pretty close to t the top. I trudged through it even though it was a short read. I found myself looking for anything to distract me from reading it sometimes but because I paid for it, I felt the need to finish it. The writing is atrocious, almost as bad as the 50 Shades trilogy (also garbage) that's why I'm giving it a two and not a one star rating. I wish I could've gotten a refund and I cannot imagine reading (let alone paying for) the multiple continuations of this story line.

  • Steve - Elegant Looking Router System

    This elegant looking router system is definitely a piece of tech you don’t need to hide above the ceiling tiles in the basement. I placed my router component on a glass wall shelf in the downstairs family room. It is nearly dead center of our home’s lower level. The satellite component is centrally located on the main floor of the home sitting on the desk in the foyer. It looks very nice sitting there next to some porcelain figurines, almost like a piece of art itself.

  • KATHRYN MURRAY - Does one job well

    This product does just what it says; it makes neat, uniform slices of a variety of soft and hard vegetables. Really handy for tomatoes, onions, bell pepper; very sharp.

  • R. A. Brewer - 2.5?**/***];rather ALLERGIC (wool) after a few hrs.(5 stars if not allergic)

    No mess, cleans up very easy , does not stain hands or anything, no smell detected (i need to use only a very small amt.), works great / & looks great.

  • huntkaylaa - Nature's Bounty: Hair, Skin & Nails

    I love this product. I am on my 4th bottle now. Though I personally wouldn't recommend buying this on the internet (my local Walgreens always has buy on get on deals), this is the only place I can write a review. I hope you find this helpful...

  • camay - Skincerity Nightly Breathable Barrier

    I did not like this product because of the strong acetone smell. I feel it is not wise to inhale that every time you use the product.