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  • Crystal - JUST BUY IT!

    For YEARS this was the only product that would even touch my horrendous adult acne. It was a MIRACLE!!! I have since then found and been OBSESSED with the proactiv + line (which is more aimed for adult acne than the original, and helps make my skin feel softer) and my skin is absolutely gorgeous, and I haven't had a single pimple or blackhead in years. LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff! If you're in your teens, this is the right one for you. If you're over 25, I'd go for the proactiv +. Good luck! Having acne is such a depressing thing to deal with. I hope this works for everyone the way it has for me.

  • allaboutstyle - Excellent Product!!

    Finally had an opportunity to put this puppy in did not disappoint. Worked perfectly! I was particularly pleased with how well the pictures I took turned out. Can hardly tell that they were being taken through the YOSH. Kept my phone 100% dry after extended periods in a pool. Many people asked me about it and I recommended it to all of them. Top notch product!

  • Morri - good for problem hair!

    I have very thick, almost wirey hair before it is ironed. I have been disappointed in the past with products I have tried.

  • Alfredo J. Guerra - Good deal for the price

    So far it has performed as advertised;the only complaint I have is that the hand rails are kind of low.

  • Amazon Customer - It works!

    My hair shows noticible growth and I've only been taking the vitamims for a month! I have recommended Hairfinity to my family and friends.

  • SunshineGirl73 - Works like a charm

    Wow! on week 3 and still spider less! We sprayed this around the exterior of the lake house. Works like a charm! So happy!!!