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  • Andre W Furtado - Great for gastro-intestinal healing

    I have read that this product is good for destroying pancreatic cancer cells but no human studies have been done obviously because no one wants to pay for a study for an inexpensive non-patentable solution to health problems. I first tried the capsules but now I use a teaspoon of the oil after every meal. It sure has settled my pain and it appears to be helping me heal better than anything else I have tried. ( I used N acetyl cysteine+limonene+maitake mushrooms+reishi mushrooms+inositol IP6) It worked better after meals than applying it on toast at mealtime. I also take lecithin with it as it helps emulsify oils and makes them easier to digest. I had far less flatulence when I combined it with lecithin. ( I have poor digestion). Mohammed called it the blessed seed and it deserves that title. I recommend it to everyone who has pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer. However if you already have low blood pressure as i do due to taking prostate medication, it may lower it even more so move slowly when you wake up and get some food in your tummy. I am thinking of moving to two teaspoons after each meal as it has been used for thousands of years and has little or no toxicity. However some sources recommend not exceeding three teaspoons per day although others have indicated that six teaspoons can be tolerated in a day. I have read that diabetics should not take it as it lowers blood sugar. Neither should pregnant women.

  • Major - Buy it!

    I leave my car quite often the economy lot while I am away from work. This shade not only protects my CMax while I am away but keeps her cool when I get in on those hot days! Only flaw is its size but remember how big your windshield is. Buy this. Worth it!

  • Amazon Customer - Five Stars

    Excellent information. To the point and easy to understand. Hands on forms. Absolutely wonderful!!!!

  • Robert - Good product good price

    Pricing was right, good delivery time. Product works well, I needed a newer version for my work as I started a new business. The product was as described and priced below what it was in local stores. Very pleased.

  • faith Hanson - Struggling to purchase? Read me

    Has a suttle smell. Smells like hemp and argon oil, which is what it is made of... I have very thick curly and wavy hair that frizzes in the humid Florida heat. I love this product because it helps my frizz and gives my hair a healthy sheen. Great product. If struggling on ordering, at least order the styling oil and use if you have an issue with frizz. I apply to damp hair and let it dry naturally which helps more with the frizz.