Social Economy Network - Today’s economy comprises three distinct sectors: the private sector, businesses and corporations with private ownership; the public sector, owned by and

  • Nonprofit Organizations - Nonprofit organizations are organized under state law for purposes other than generating profit for its members or officers. Non-profit organization operat
  • Voluntary Sector - The voluntary sector is sometimes known as the third sector because it resides neither in the public nor in the private sectors but fulfils necessary roles
  • Volunteering - When adults take their first full-time job and move into the world of financial responsibility, they often leave behind the clubs and hobbies of their scho
  • Social Entrepreneurship - Social entrepreneurship is the engagement of entrepreneurial and business practices to promote the greater good of the community. These endeavors have soci
  • Civil Society - Are you searching online to find out more on what the term civil society actually means? Etymology is the academic science of tracing the origins of words.
  • Social Economy Resource Guide - This resource guide is a comprehensive list of research databases, blogs, and items of interest for students, entrepreneurs, or any member of the general p
  • Case Studies - Health & Social Care Sector Case Study Date: 19/05/2006 Overview: The study focuses on the health and social care sector by examining two social economy or
  • Interdepartmental Steering Group - Background In November 2001, the Executive agreed to the recommendation that an Inter-Departmental Steering Group (IDSG), to be led by DETI, should be form
  • Board and Staff - Social Economy Network Board Anna McAleavy (Chair) (NI Co-op) Agnes Lamont (Acceptable Enterprises Larne Ltd) Manus Maguire (Company Secretary) (Cliftonvil
  • History - The Social Economy Network was established in the spring of 2003 and is being facilitated by the Social Economy Agency (SEA) with funding from Department f

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  • Amazon Customer - Details on the non-browser OS features

    Others have commented about the new Chromebook hardware, and the browser is well-known already (it operates identically on the Chromebook), so I'll comment about the OS features outside of the browser, about which very little information is available. Bear in mind that Google updates the OS frequently, so anything I say is subject to change at any time.

  • ESL Teacher - There's No Tech Support

    There's no Tech Support available. The number I was given when I bought the system in May last year was 1-877-673-1161. When I call that number now, the automated system still identifies itself as Vipre Tech Support, but I am put on hold listening to music for several minutes. Then after that, even the music stops. No one ever answers. I also clicked the "Chat with Support" link and tried to get Chat support, but after waiting 3 minutes, the message came up "Our apologies, all our agents are busy chatting right now." This happened twice with the phone number and twice with the Chat link. So don't believe it when they allege that they provide Tech Support.

  • XxAmazon$hoppeRxX - Lamisil Is Better Than ZetaClear

    I have been using ZetaClear for about 11 months now and it showed a very slow improvement.. So I stopped using it and decided to see a doctor about it, he recommended I try using Lamisil (or terbinafine) medication. I've been taking it for about 6 months now and I've seen very outstanding improvement on my toes!!! Its almost cleared up except my two big toes on my left and right foot. I totally recommend you seeing the doctor about it before trying anything else. I never seen the doctor about my toes and thought I could try and fix this problem myself, but nothing would work.. JUST SEE THE DOCTOR FIRST BEFORE TRYING ZETACLEAR!!! And practice and live with the word "HYGEINE" for the rest of your life (Its VERY IMPORTANT)!!!!

  • Julia - Good for combination skin

    I am 27 with combination skin - meaning seriously a combination of everything. I have a little bit of every complexion issue: oily t-zone, dry areas, slight enlarged pores, slight breakouts, slight sun damage, and slight signs of aging. I have has a difficult time choosing what skin care products to try because of this. I thought this one one be good since it had both AHAs and BHAs. Also, I remembered from 15 years ago as a kid Murad products were the only thing that helped my pretty severe adolescent acne.

  • Brad Ledford - Not very good

    I live in an apt in the suburbs of a mid sized town. I tried pointing the antenna in all directions and all I got was pixelated channels at best.