Southampton New Communities - Welcome to Southampton! Find information and advice on housing, health, jobs, education and citizenship.

  • Southampton | Your home information | Southampton New Communities - Help on finding a home, information on being homeless. Information on your home in Southampton, including: rent deposits, overcrowding, recycling and bins.
  • Southampton | Your home and rent deposit scheme | Southampton New Communities - This is a scheme to help people with the deposit when they find a home to rent in Southampton.The financial help they give is for the deposit not the rent.
  • Southampton | Find a home | Southampton New Communities - Buying or renting a home in Southampton. Information on Private Landlords, If you are homeless, tenant problems, Council or Housing Assosciation in Southampton
  • Southampton | Housing and overcrowding | Southampton New Communities - If you are looking for somewhere to live, find out how many people already live in the house. You have the right to refuse the accommodation if its overcrowded.
  • Southampton | Your Home and Recycling | Southampton New Communities - Information on bins and waste services in Southampton. What do I put in rubbish bins? How do I recycle? What do I put in the recycling bins?
  • Advice and emergency services in Southampton | Southampton New Communities - Multi-cultural advice agencies for migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in Southampton including emergency services
  • Advice agencies in Southampton | Southampton New Communities - Multicultural advice agencies for migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in Southampton - get confidential and impartial advice on issues.
  • Southampton Emergency services | Police | Ambulance | Fire | Southampton New Communities - Find out about using 999 to report emergency situations in Southampton. Local police, council, fire and rescue contact numbers in Southampton
  • Southampton | British citizenship | Voluteering | Southampton New Communities - Get advice, forms, fees and full conditions regarding British citizenship in Southampton. Also get information on voluteering for job references in Southampton
  • Southampton | British Citizenship | Southampton New Communities - Get advice, forms, fees and full conditions regarding British citizenship in Southampton. How to remain living in Southampton
  • Southampton | Volunteering and work experience | Southampton New Communities - Find out more information agencies which employ volunteers in the community of Southampton, gain work experience and get an up to date reference in Southampton
  • Southampton | Education, qualifications and training | Southampton New Communities - Education and training in Southampton. Get the knowledge and skills you need. Your childs education, colleges and further education in Southampton.
  • Southampton | Education in the UK and your qualifications | Southampton New Communities - Find out about the qualifications you gained in your own country and compare them to UK qualifications. More information on the NARIC that can help with this
  • Southampton | Education and Training for Adults | Southampton New Communities - Information on education in Southampton, IT or computer courses, vocational training and going to university. Plus internet based education in Southampton
  • Southampton | Learn English | Southampton New Communities - If you would like to learn to read, write and speak English or to improve your English there are courses available in Southampton.
  • Southampton | Your childs education | Southampton New Communities - Find the schools near where you live in Southampton. How to appy and be involved in your childs education in Southampton UK. Childs education ages of 5 and 16
  • Southampton | Further Education Colleges | Southampton New Communities - Further Education Colleges in Southampton, contact details on Itchen College, Southampton City College, St Annes Catholic College, Tauntons College.
  • Southampton | Education and child care | Southampton New Communities - Child care from 8am - 6pm for children up to the age of 14. Many schools in Southampton provide activities after school has finished lessons such as clubs.
  • Southampton | Employment | Southampton New Communities - Employment in Southampton. Your NI Number and welfare support. Starting at work and your rights at work in Southampton
  • Southampton | National Insurance | N.I. Number and Work | Southampton New Communities - Your National Insurance Number is a personal number used by both the benefits and tax credits system. Apply for your NI number for work or welfare support
  • Southampton Communities | Rights at Work | Southampton New Communities - Find out your rights at work such as - National minimun wage, limit to hours worked, holiday entitlement, deductions from salary, joining unions and much more.
  • Southampton | Help in finding work | Southampton New Communities - Information on Jobcentre Plus in Southampton. They exist to help people find work and provide a wide range of advice and support to help you get a job
  • Southampton | Health | Southampton New Communities - Find out information about dental health and maternity services in Southampton. Find a local doctor in Southampton. Local pharmacy and chemists in Southampton.
  • Southampton | Your Dental Health | Southampton New Communities - If you have a problem with your teeth and are looking for a dentist in Southampton, you can look at the Southampton access pages on the Dental Helpline website
  • Southampton | Your health - maternity services | Southampton New Communities - Information on your health and pregnancy in Southampton. Information on getting tests, any problems during pregnancy and free prescriptions and free dental care

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