Southlake Clinic - Primary Care Physician Covington, Cancer Care Renton, Concierge Doctor Kent, WA - Southlake Clinic provides healthcare for cancer, chronic disease, diabetes, thyroid, primary care, concierge medicine and hypertension in Covington, Kent, Auburn, Newcastle, Renton and King County WA

  • Our Providers - Doctors in Cancer Care/Hematology/Oncology, Cardiology, Critical Care/Pulmonary Care/Sleep Disorders - Our specialty is your health. Our mission is our ongoing commitment to provide quality, personalized care and patient satisfaction. To learn more about each of our physicians, please visit this page.
  • Specialty Services - Sleep Medicine, Pulmonary Medicine, Primary Care, Internal Medicine & Infectious Disease - Our physicians are trained and board certified in the specialties of primary care, cardiology, dermatology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, hematology/oncology, infectious disease, pulmonary medicine and sleep medicine. You can visit our clinics in Newcastle, Renton, Kent and Covington. Our mission is to set the standard for excellence through our on-going commitment to quality, personalized care and patient satisfaction.
  • Cancer Care Covington, Chemotherapy Treatment Renton, WA - Cancer care at Southlake Clinic, we provide cancer treatment in Covington, Kent, Newcastle, Renton, King County and Auburn, WA. Call Southlake Clinic at (425) 656-5570
  • Cardiology - High Blood Pressure Kent, Heart & Chest Pain Newcastle, WA - Southlake Clinic provides heart condition, treatment including hypertension, high blood pressure, heart & chest pain in Covington, Kent, Auburn, Newcastle, Renton and King County, WA
  • Critical Care - Intensive Care Units in Covington, Kent & Renton - People with life-threatening injuries and illnesses need critical care. Critical care involves close, constant attention by a team of specially trained health professionals. It usually takes place in an intensive care unit (ICU) or trauma center. Problems that might need critical care treatment include complications from surgery, accidents, infections and severe breathing problems.
  • Concierge Medicine Newcastle, Concierge Doctor Covington, WA - Concierge doctor at Southlake Clinic, We offer concierge medicine in Kent, Newcastle, Renton, Covington, King County and Auburn, WA. Call Southlake Clinic at (425) 656-5570
  • Dermatology - Skin Diseases Auburn, Psoriasis Covington, WA - Southlake Clinic provides comprehensive care and treatment of skin diseases, including psoriasis in Covington, Kent, Auburn, Newcastle, Renton and King County, WA
  • Endocrinology Auburn, Diabetes Kent, Thyroid Disorders Covington, WA - Diabetes and thyroid disorders treatment by Southlake Clinic's endocrinologists, Visit us in Newcastle, Renton, Covington, Kent, King County and Auburn, WA or call Southlake Clinic at (425) 793-4700
  • Allergies Kent, Asthma Auburn, Sinus Infection Renton, Flu Symptoms King County, WA - Southlake Clinic provides allergies, asthma, sinus infection, flu symptoms, menopause, migraines, erectile dysfunction and anxiety treatment in Covington, Kent, Auburn, Newcastle, Renton and King County, WA
  • Heartburn Auburn, Irritable Bowel Syndrome Kent, Chronic Disease Covington, WA - Looking for gastroenterologist? Southlake Clinic offer gastroenterologists treatment, including abdominal pain, constipation, heartburn and IBS in Newcastle, Renton, Covington, Kent, Auburn and King County, WA
  • Hematology/Oncology - Blood Disorders Auburn, Anemias Covington, WA - Southlake Clinic's provide blood disorders treatment in Auburn, Newcastle, Covington, Renton and Kent in King County, WA. Call Southlake Clinic at (425) 656-5570
  • Hospitalist - Healthcare Personnel Caring for Hospitalized Patients - A Hospitalist is a physician who specializes in the practice of hospital medicine. In addition to their core expertise managing the clinical problems of acutely ill, hospitalized patients, hospital medicine practitioners work to enhance the performance of hospitals and healthcare systems by Prompt and complete attention to all patient care needs, including diagnosis, treatment and the performance of medical procedures (within their scope of practice).
  • Infectious Diseases - Diagnosis and Treatment of Infectious Disease - An infectious disease (ID) specialist is a doctor of internal medicine (or, in some cases, pediatrics) who is qualified as an expert in the diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases. ID specialists have expertise in infections of the sinuses, heart, brain, lungs, urinary tract, bowel, bones and pelvic organs.
  • Internal Medicine - Prevention and Treatment of Adult Diseases - Southlake Clinic's internists have been specially trained to effectively treat diseases while managing a patient's overall health. This approach can impact quality of life and ensure a patient receives appropriate care.
  • Pulmonary Care - Breathing Disorders Auburn, Breathing Problems Kent, WA - Suffering from breathing disorders? Southlake Clinic provides treatment for breathing problems, emphysema and bronchitis in Newcastle, Renton, Covington, Kent, Auburn and King County, WA
  • Sleep Disorders - Treatment of Sleep Apnea and Insomnia - Sleep disorders, including sleep apnea and insomnia, affect up to 50% of Americans. Southlake Clinic's sleep disorder specialists, including physicians in pulmonary and critical care medicine, work to identify the causes of sleep disorders in patients, determine effective treatment plans and implement those plans for each patient.
  • Tests/Procedures - Cardiology, Gastronenterology, Pulmonary & Sleep - Here at Southlake Clinic we believe in making your time at the clinic as convenient as possible, which is why we are make sure we keep up-to-date to equipment onsite for testing patients with fast and accurate results. Our onsite testing facilities allow us to provide you with dedicated, compassionate, superior healthcare.
  • Cardiology Testing - Echocardiogram, Nuclear Medicine, Stress Test & Holter monitor - The advanced facilities here at Southlake Clinic allow us to perform a multitude of cardiac procedures EKG procedures Echocardiography - transathoracic and tranesophogeal, Stress testing - pharmocologic/treadmill, Cartoid ultrasound, Cardiac catheterization and angiography, Holter and event monitoring.
  • Pulmonary Testing - Spirometry, ABG, CPET & Methacholine Challenge Testing - Southlake Clinic provides comprehensive testing for diseases affecting the lungs and respiratory system, including emphysema and bronchitis. Among the test procedures we offer are Spirometry, ABG, CPET, Methacholine Challenge Testing and Complete Pulmonary Function Testing.
  • Sleep Tests - PAP Titration, Apnea Screening & Polysomnography - Our Sleep Tests are performed in the Medical Arts Center facility located at 4033 Talbot Road South, Suite 500, Renton, WA. Sleep studies are tests that moniter what happens to your body during sleep. The studies are done to find out what is causing your sleep problems.
  • Gastroenterology Testing - Bravo™ 48-hour pH Monitoring, Endoscopy & Pharmacologic/Medication Management - Some gastroenterology procedures and treatments performed at the facility are Bravo™ 48-hour pH Monitoring, Endoscopy, Pharmacologic/Medication Management, PillCam, Endoscopic esophageal scope dilation & ligation, HALO® ablation for Barrett’s esophagus, Argon plasma coagulation for polyps & AVMs and Therapeutic Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP).
  • For Patients - Appointments, Insurance, Billing and Financial Responsibility - Southlake Clinic is a multispecialty medical group with expertise in the fields of primary care, cardiology, dermatology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, hematology/oncology, infectious disease, pulmonary medicine and sleep medicine.
  • Southlake Clinic - Southlake News - Southlake Clinic welcomes the new additions of Dr. Matthew Bremmer (Dermatology), Dr. Joshua Kachner (Internal Medicine) and Dr. Stuart Seigel (Endocrinology). Each doctor brings his own unique, quality experience of his specialty to Southlake Clinic to better provide healthcare services to the Covington, Kent and Renton communities. Click the links under their portraits to learn more about your new healthcare providers.
  • Patient Forms - New Patient History Form, Notice of Privacy Practices & Dermatology Health Survey - Patient Forms: If you have made your initial appointment, you can preregister by clicking on the links below to download our New Patient Forms. Please print and complete the forms prior to your arrival. This will help to speed up the new patient registration process.
  • Locations - Covington, Kent, Newcastle & Renton - Welcome to Southlake Clinic. Your health is our specialty. With clinics in four locations, Southlake Clinic aims to attain the highest standard of medical care and treatment excellence. Each clinic operates Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm. Saturday appointements are available at our Covington location upon prior request.
  • Southlake Clinic Location - Covington - Covington, WA 98042 - Covington27005 168th Place Southeast, Suite 301Covington, WA 98042Phone: (253) 395-1972Fax: (253) 395-1974
  • Southlake Clinic Location - Kent - Kent, WA 98030 - Kent24604 104th Avenue SoutheastSuite 101Kent, WA 98030Phone: (253) 395-2001Fax: (253) 852-8012
  • Southlake Clinic Location - Newcastle, WA 98056 - Newcastle Medical Pavilion7203 129th Avenue SoutheastSuite 280Newcastle, WA 98056Phone: (425) 251-5110Fax: (425) 271-2561

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