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  • Chelsea Davies - MYCAA PRACTICE

    I took some online classes through MYCAA to practice for the PTCB and I'm not a big fan of the online classes so I wanted to practice with a written book and I was really impressed upon receiving this book although I didn't want to just right into equations it gives me something on paper that I can practice with! I don't like how the cover states that you are guaranteed to pass your test the first time though because there's no way that its guaranteed. There are about 163 pages including the answer key so when they say they remove the junk pages that cant be anymore true. The book also helps you with some studying techniques which I found helpful because I'm not the best study person around. It takes me multiple times to learn something but I'm doing pretty good so far with this book and it helps me realize where I go wrong, I just hope the test is very similar because I know it is a HUGE test.

  • Raina Chang - Formula has been changed to less then half of what it used to have.

    As another lady has mentioned, they have changed the formula to less then half the ingredients of what it used to have, where some vitamin/minerals were completely taken out. The 'smaller' size means you getting less for your money. They also seem to be giving me stomach problems. If I can't get through the bottle then thats literally money down the drain. Look for another brand.

  • Conner - Great Face Wash

    I love this face wash. It has all natural ingredients in it, so I know I'm not putting harsh chemicals on my face like benzoyl peroxide. It worked well for me and I have had severe acne in the past.

  • Robert - I really wanted to find a great gaming keyboard

    It is impressive with all its benefits, starting with the design and ending with each key feature. I really wanted to find a great gaming keyboard, as I am part of an international team of gamers and I spend a lot of time in front of the computer playing my favorite games. In this game I need a highly responsive keyboard, with fast-paced keys and easy to adjust to my needs. That’s why I recommend this keyboard to all addictive gamers as they won’t be disappointed if they’ll choose it.

  • JOE C - The shake tastes great! Plus

    The shake tastes great! Plus, this has a great combination of nutrients. I take a shake every morning, and I have yet to get sick of the taste. The flavor mixers are just a great addition to a great product.

  • Michael Madden - Did not even Work!

    I purchased and downloaded this software because I liked the concept of storing receipts online by using smartphone. However, it did not work on my Windows 8. After spending a hour with Quicken's Technical Support department, they were unable to solve my issue. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS SOFTWARE. Stick with what you have right now folks. I have requested for a refund.