Social & Life Skills Programs, School to Work Programs, Conflict Management, Special Education Programs - The James Stanfield Publishing Company offers the nation’s best video modeling curriculum for special education.

  • James Stanfield Company: The Specialists in Special Education - For over 40 years the James Stanfield Company has been producing award-winning programs to promote social competence, transition readiness skills, and more.
  • Social & Life Skills Video Modeling Trailers - Video Modeling Curriculum trailers from the Specialists in Special Education and the Creators of Video Modeling. Teaching your students through humor.
  • Catalog From The Specialists In Special Education - The James Stanfield Company carries a catalog that features over 60 proven effective programs for special education.
  • Contact Us At The James Stanfield Company - Have a question about a curriculum? Or need help? You can contact us by phone, fax, or email!
  • First Job Survival Skills - Job Skills Video Modeling - Most widely used Job skills program in America. Teaches the 11 "must-have" attributes for getting a job, keeping a job, and moving up in an organization.
  • LifeSmart Curriculum - JobSmart Job Skills - Teach your students what experts consider work do's and don'ts. Organizes essential job skills into a group of the most important behaviors. 4 DVDs
  • Work Assessment Programs - Interpersonal skills necessary for vocational success can be assessed through various work assessment tools and work assessment programs. SSP, TICE, CBSP.
  • Job Skills Library (BIG BANGIN' BUNDLE) - The Job Skills Library includes the following work training programs: First Job Survival Skills, JobSmart, Transitions, and Work Assessment Programs.
  • Social & Life Skills - Social Skills Programs - Our Social & Life Skills library is composed of 6 programs guaranteed to teach your students vital skills for independent living and social success.
  • LifeSmart Curriculum - Social Skills & Life Skills - LifeSmart teaches social skills most critical to the demands of everyday life. Content includes lessons on friendships, jobs, money, safety, and dating.
  • First Impressions - People Skills - Hygiene, Grooming, Dress & Attitude - First Impressions teaches your students how to obtain good people skills by teaching appropriate cleanliness/hygiene, grooming, dress, and attitude.
  • Home of Your Own: Classic Domestic Conflicts & Social skills - Proven effective in teaching people with developmental disabilities. Provides your students with cooperative social skills needed to live with others.
  • Community Man Social Skills: Avocate for Indepenedent Living - Teach students important social skills for successful independent living like how to interact with medical staff, pharmacists, police, and fire department.
  • Community Living Library- Social Skills Programs - Get your students ready for independent living! Teaches social skills like how to solve domestic conflicts & about the resources available in the community.
  • Family Life & Relationships - Social Boundaries - Our Family Life & Relationships programs cover topics such as social boundaries, sexuality, health care and abuse prevention. - #1 Circles® Curriculum
  • Social Boundaries: The Circles Curriculum - Circles teaches social skills, social boundaries, and relationship-specific behaviors, using a simple circle diagram. Research based and PROVEN EFFECTIVE!
  • Life Horizons- Family Life & Sex Education Programs - The most widely used Family Life Education program for persons with developmental and learning disabilities. Topics include all aspects of family life!
  • The LifeFacts Series - Social Skills Activities - The LifeFacts Family Life Curriculum Series is a series of social skills activities for students with special needs on topics of living more.
  • Other Family Life Education Programs - Programs that cover a range of important Family Life; puberty, sexual abuse prevention, and sexuality for those with severe developmental disabilities.
  • The BeCool Series (K-12) - #1 Conflict Resolution Program in America - Teaches warning signs of bullying and conflict resolution strategies. Ways to stop school, child, violence, and youth bullying. 27 DVDs - VideoModeling®
  • BeCool-Lower Elementary- Conflict Resolution - Learn effective ways to teach lifelong Conflict Resolution skills to kids. Help stop bullying Understand why people get angry, criticize, tease and bully.
  • BeCool - Upper Elementary - Conflict Resolution - Learn effective ways to teach lifelong conflict resolution skills to children. Understand why people get angry, criticize, tease and bully. 5 DVD Program
  • BeCool - Middle School Bridge - Conflict Resolution - Losing It! - Learn effective ways to teach conflict resolution skills to children. Students learn how to cope with disrespect, frustration and rejection. 4 DVD Program
  • BeCool - Middle School- Conflict Resolution - Effective ways to teach conflict resolution skills to middle school students. Understand why people get angry, criticize, tease and bully. 5 DVD Program

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