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  • Bren - So so software

    Was hoping this would be comparable to American Greetings creata card which I have had for 20 years. I still prefere my old software to this one.

  • Pike Krzoick - I'm happy with it...

    Exactly what I expected. Makes a great starting point for adding to make a great kit. Works well with my first aid kit and off-road kit.

  • McBowlerpimp - Always about China

    I'm not going to say this is not an important work because any five year outlook on wood toilet seats is going to be a valuable information guide for toilet seat speculators worldwide. My issue is the focus on China. Yes, China has a billion or so people, so nature says they will probably use the toilet seats more than most countries, but where is my guide to wood toilet seats in South America?

  • Roger Barnes - Worthless Mount Not Needed.

    Even though this was Recommended as needed and other people bought it. It was in the radio box and not needed. It would cost almost as much to send back as it cost. Not worth it. Now I don't look at "Things Other People Bought":

  • Steve - Freeze off works but you need to apply longer than instructions

    Works perfectly BUT you need to hold it much longer than the instructions say. Whenever I followed the directions which say "20 seconds", it's not long enough to really freeze the wart, hence, it won't go away. After seeing my MD do this a couple times before on me use Liquid Nitrogen, I knew what was necessary. Some people say it really hurts but I guess I have a high pain threshold as I never found it painful. Freeze the tip for about 3 seconds, apply to wart for about 45 seconds with a light pressure rotating the tip frequently to use all of the cold. The wart should be very white by now but don't stop yet. Against Compound W instruction, put tip back in applicator and refreeze tip for about 2 seconds more. Repeat freezing the wart for another 45-60 seconds. The suckers will be super frozen and should thaw for about 60 seconds afterwards. If you still not sure, freeze for a little bit longer but be careful not to freeze to deeply else you could damage the subdermal tissue, hence, just light pressure and let the cold do the work. If all goes well, the wart is dead in 7-10 days and will just peel off leaving fresh skin. Save the remaining tips and spray for next time if another pops up. Better to go hard against it once than baby it 8 times without success. My only complaint, it's stupid expensive!

  • William L Rook - The grandson loved the cards

    The last time I seen them he was looking at each card I figure 600 cards should take him a good amount of time to look at allof them. He was happy so everything is good.

  • taylptrsn - Finally something I can stick with

    Fixed most everything I hated about the original, side buttons are amazing now, the build quality os as solid as zowie mice but at a decreased weight, the side indents are also gone. If i could compare it to anything it would be a mixture of the Deathadder+Fk1+original finalmouse. A few more things of note are that the scroll is not as smooth as the original FM and the top mounted dpi button is still apparent albeit smaller and harder to press accidentally.