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  • Lennart E. Lundgren - Their automatic reply works pretty good, but nothing else

    I purchased 11 last year. it would not accept the Password. Evidently they put the wrong label on the disk sleeve. Their automatic reply works pretty good, but nothing else. I have never heard from them I put in a service & sales request.

  • Kblain - Highly recommend for snorers or those with sinus issues!

    Works great for both myself and my husband. Without these he snores like a trucker and so do I. He is still able to snore lightly with them on. I like the nasal strips simply for the great feeling of increased air flow they give me especially when sleeping or when having sinus issues. I have used the off brands and they work ok, but this brand/style in particular is the best I've found.

  • Debra G. - Like not having an antenna at all!

    I lost my antenna in a car wash and was driving around for a while without one until I could get it fixed. I decided to buy this one to use for local driving (I don't live in a rural area) and not have to worry about going into the car wash. I'd switch to the longer "official" antenna for road trips. Well, after getting the "official" antenna replaced, the reception was clear and perfect. I received the stubby and per my plan, switched it onto my minivan for local use. Well, it was like being back to no antenna at all again. Absolutely useless. Don't waste your money.

  • Chris - plumbing for not dummys

    I am studying to take my journeyman's plumbing test in Maryland and was very happy to find this book in stock as most places do not carry this item . one thing to keep in mind is that right now most test are using an older version of this book and you would not be able to bring this book into the test with you as such . But I have been told that later this year all test will be focused on this book so I wanted to get a head start . also keep in mind most testing facilities will not let you bring in a book that has any marking on it at all , so don't use your highlighter on it . the book is very well written and very clear , having the extra guide with it is nice too .

  • Paula - We are truly satisfied with this product I got this product for my ...

    Let me first start off by saying this is the second time ever purchased any Beard oil. We are truly satisfied with this product I got this product for my husband to try on his beard. It is the most amazing smell it smells likelightly sweetened honey it's not overpowering though. Very satisfied with the smell do too it's going to be right under your nose literally. And you don't want to smell something horrific all day long. It deeply conditioned his beard making it very soft before his beard was very coarse and prickly. Not very romantic when you're going in for that kiss but now he has a soft beard with a wonderful sweet smell which is making him very kissable and irresistible. Also he hasn't caused any allergic reactions or outbreaks if anything it's healed a few of the outbreaks that he had.another positive thing about this product is it's not greasy and oily it's also very thin the serum /oil that is is provided him with a deep conditioning feel. I received this product for discount/free in return for my review . The above are my opinions and my opinions only. And even though I received this product for free/discount it in no way has any weight on a positive or negative review the review is solely based upon my husband's experience with this product. And he keeps saying how much he loves it. So that's why in return I gave it a positive review.

  • Martin M Zorn - Kindle Edition

    I was looking for a reference book on Excel and found the Excel 2010 Bible. After reading the comments I ordered the Kindle edition. If you read the notes you will a complaint that the CD that comes with the book is not available in the Kindle edition. You will also notice that the author has posted a note that if you email him he will provide you with a link to the supplemental information. After downloading the book I emailed Mr. Walkenbach per the comment listed. He responded and sent me a link to the CD material less than 2 minutes after I sent the email. You cannot ask for better service than that. I have used the book specifically as a reference for some things that I was trying to do with functions and pivot tables. The book answered all of my question. I highly recommend the book for beginners and advanced users alike.

  • peewee - I love this custard

    I love this custard. I have 4C hair and no custard have given me the results like Aunt Jackie's. I see curls from root to the end of my strands. It does not make the hair stiff which I love as well.