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  • Books Of All Kinds - A beautiful, festive tale of love, understanding, and finding what you need.

    When Julia Padden comes into contact with her surly neighbour Cain Maddox, she cannot understand what his problem is, and when she catches him taking her newspaper, she is determined to teach him a lesson. Working full-time, playing piano for the choir, and volunteering with kids, means that Julia is always busy, but in order to get the job of her dreams, she must also start a blog for the month of December that will attract as many followers as possible. And that is when a unique idea occurs. What if she killed her grumpy neighbour with kindness for the next twelve days of Christmas, and document it on the blog? What harm could it cause? But as Julia soon learns, looks can be deceptive, and sometimes you find what you need when you least expect it.

  • NCWA renewal attendee - annual writers guide

    Every writer, agent, critiquer, publisher, copy editor needs to buy tis book annually, It has been a resource for any years, and I have bought it every year.

  • Amazon Customer - Great Daily Multivitamin!

    I love what's in these Evlution Nutrition multi's. I've been taking these for about a week and have enjoyed more energy and a better sense of well-being. Will definitely order again!

  • sunny - The product is easy to use!

    The product is easy to use and gets the extra food in the hard areas that you can not reach with floss. It is quick and you should use it after brushing your teeth. I like that it does not have to be plugged in when you use the product. I would definitely recommend this product! I received this product on a promotional discount or free for my honest review and they are 100% my own opinions. I received no compensation for this review and I am not required to give a positive review. I am also not associated with the seller in any way.

  • Bulrush - Through molded key letters should last a long time.

    I like this keyboard, it was easy to get up and running. The keys make a loud click, if you like that, it will work great for you. The keys also give great tactile feedback, like the old IBM keyboards from 1981. The keys are backlit and the light shines through the letters. This means the clear plastic of each key goes all the way through the key cap. I got this because I wear the letters off any keyboard in about 3 months, the paint is just exceptionally cheap in the past 4 years. So I needed something where the letter was molded all the way through the keycap, so it would last longer. This is not the multicolor keyboard, it's a green light only. The multi color line is called Chroma.

  • Jeremy R. Feit - This was the last great Floyd album

    I was in 5th grade when this came out and still listen to Floyd regularly, especially all their 70s masterpieces: Dark Side, Wish You Were Here, Animals, and The Wall. These men were architecture majors and their albums are concept albums from beginning to end. This was the last great Floyd album. Final Cut sucks. No wonder they broke up after that. My all time favorite PF song is the Pompeii version of Echoes! If you're into travelling into other dimensions, check that out as well. The Wall was Roger Water's at his best, but he was in control freak mode. The more successful PF got, the more miserable, controlling and difficult Waters got. Sad. Check out all of Floyd, from the Syd Barret days, on. If you ever get popular don't let everyone give you acid over and over or your life may get permanently zonked. The only thing that bugs me about this double album is Bring The Boys Back Home comes in way too loud! I have the movie album of the Wall and it's got that great song about Water's daddy. This should've made this album. This album is way better than the movie album, though. The movie is missing Hey You, one of the best songs. My friend saw the movie first and I had to talk him into listening to this album, explaining it's way better and not the horrible singing by the lead actor ruining the Floyd's songs. Brilliant idea, Roger!

  • NYFB - Placing Value...

    Over half the victims on 9/11 did not have one. Given that they were relatively young and in good health with excellent jobs, they seem not to have thought it was necessary. You may want to listen to Kenneth Feinberg on placing a value on life; link in comment section.