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  • Nicole A. - Smells horrible

    This stuff smells noxious. Tested it out on an old rag before using anywhere near my dogs and the smell is horrid. Won't use this on my dogs except maybe before a long trail hike and will bathe them after.

  • Zoe Smith - Perfect

    I started with my natural hair which is a dark brown/almost black color, and bleached it once. Within 30 minutes my hair was a medium blonde. A few days later I bleached it again, and it is now a platinum blonde/silver color! It didn't damage my hair, and didn't have very many brassy tones. It was a good consistency and mixed easily in a bowl.

  • Clark, T - Better than business School

    This book is priceless. If you're considering investing in anything you should at least read some of this book in order to educate yourself.

  • JennyCT - Freeze on steroids

    This is like the popular product called "Freeze" which costs a lot more. Since it is impossible to "fix" wrinkles with a topical cream, it acts as a temporary filler, smoothing wrinkles by adhering to the skin. I actually think it works quite well, especially if you are going to a function and don't want those pesky wrinkle ruining your fun. Obviously, if you want a better fix, you can visit the local med spa for a $500 treatment, but even botox only lasts 3 months, and restylane 6 months. If you want a quick, cheap and painless fixer up, try this. I can tell you that the other jar creams appear to do nothing... not a thing. It's either this or the needle. It lasts about 3-4 hours for me, so I took a star away for that.

  • hona - Typical Rick!

    Great book. I used it while in Spain in March. The maps and information provided helpful information while on the go using my ipad.