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  • Chocoholicka - Don't even bother, unless you ONLY like following the pictograms

    more than half of the songs are impossible to dance to unless you like looking at the pictograms and not the dancer, because either everything is too dark and you're guessing the movements you can't see (for example in Bad Romance, it's all dark background, dark figure, and the glove doesn't glow!) or other dancers overlap the dancer you're following, and you can't see the arm/glove. Just Dance 2015 defeats the purpose of "practice your moves". Returned the same day...

  • J. Decarli - Minitek is a excellent most of the time

    I have had my Minitek for a month and use it almost daily. As other reviewers have said the performance on the TV or music device thru the transmitter is excellent. I now can understand the softly spoken words on many of the English movies with accents making hearing them difficult. It's performance with my iPhone is not as good, but much better than any solution I have tried prior to it. The mintek must be located almost equidistant from each aid to deliver sound to each ear. Half of the time when answering a phone call I am not sure if I will hear the caller thru my aids as there is nothing to tell me the phone is connected. I have found that after pressing the "phone" button on the remote and saying "Hello" if I don't hear a response in my ears I put the phone to my ear to see if the phone is not using the bluetooth and is operating as a standard iPhone. When it works it is excellent. I find the sound quality excellent and very easy to conduct conversations.

  • Ronald Albert - Great book

    This is a good book. my son was able to increase his ACT score by 10 points after studying this book. I should also mention that I do not believe he actually studied for the first test.

  • Vivian's Mom - Improved Health

    I take 1 tablespoon per day in a glass of water or with my protein drink. It has no flavor or texture so it is very easy to incorporate into my diet. My aches and pains are 90% gone, my acne cleared up, my blood sugar has stabilized, my energy is way up. My constant chest congestion and stuffy nose are completely gone. I am taking this to get rid of candida but the health benefits are truly amazing. I will take this for the rest of my life and definitely be reordering from this company.

  • Alejandra Sanchez - Pretty cool product!

    I received a review copy of this product from Nolo, so that I could take a look and share my opinion. I thought the program itself was pretty easy to use! I never thought I would do my own will on my computer... a scary thought! But overall, great product! I would recommend it to others! Simple, and has lots of great features! :)


    First, this arrived leaking. They ship the sprayer in the bottle, so there's no protection keeping the liquid inside.