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    My 1st experience with this pen was less then stellar. I expressed myself to the company through an e-mail and was contacted by one of the owners promptly. He was very genuine and down to earth. He shipped out a new pen immediately with new sd card, charging cord, and pen. Follow up was consistent. Have used pen many times for legal purposes and has been nothing less then perfect after the 20 or so 30+min videos. I do suggest downloading a compatible player to view videos on your phone. I am using MX player where I can view, store, or delete videos. The same goes for computer. Download compatible viewer before trying to use.

  • Pearltrader - Old friend

    I tried to use other "office" type software for a couple of years. I'm back. Nothing better, although some of the bells and whistles get in the way. I'll put up with them for the familiar office environment.

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    No jitters at all. Good appetite suppression. Still waiting to see any detoxing effects. I use 2 packets daily. Kind of an icky taste and a little gritty, but with a little MIO flavoring and frequent stirring/swirling, I've acquired a tolerance.

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