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  • Ms. P - Best shampoo ever: great value, non-oily, gentle, repairing shampoo. Classic favorite.

    Terrific shampoo. I've been using Mane 'n Tail for years. People still look at me weird when I say I use horse shampoo on my own hair, but boy does it work well!

  • Amazon Customer - Super Lice Solution

    If you want to avoid a crazy nightmare with lice, call Total Lice Control and buy their product TLC (stands for Total Lice Control), which is guaranteed to kill super lice. It is sold at specific Walgreens so just call the company to find out what store is clear to you. You will probably talk to this really nice lady named Debbie who will talk to you as long as you need with the most patience, the best tips, and an exact way to do it yourself without spending $100 an hour for a professional. She is the reason I chose this company over any other professional lice removal companies because she actually cares and she was honest. Even though she told me how I could do it myself, if you're anything like me by the time you call your so worn out and desperate that you're willing to spend hundreds of dollars just to get the thing over with ASAP because you're living in insane crazyville, horrified, not eating or sleeping, going crazy doing things you will find out later that you actually didn't need to do, combing incorrectly, being told advice that will be more traumatizing to your kid like chemicals/shaving their head (which won't help a thing), and literally not even having a second to do much research or function in your daily life at all. And when you do finally grab a computer you buy a whole bunch of products dying for anything that might help. Stop right there and return it all, waste of time and money. Over counter products don't work, super lice resilient to that now. This TLC shampoo is all natural, made with essential oils that smell good and make your hair feel good. It's 5 shampoos in 7 days w 20 min combing following your shower, not difficult. When combing, Debbie explained it has to be bigger chunk of hair stuck in that little comb in order to gain enough traction to get out the nits(baby lice). She explained theres a certain way of combing, start w rows starting at front of head, go front to back w the comb at an angle, with the comb closest to the scalp without ripping their head off, and do that from left to right, then do it from back to front, side to side both ways, diagonal both ways. Don't forget to use a wet paper towel to clean the comb after every run through to remove the lice from comb. Make sure everyone in the household is treated with this shampoo, if you don't have it at least do a shampoo on day one and day seven, but for any children you might want to give them the full 5 shampoo treatments. One bottle isn't necessarily required per treatment, it depends on how much hair you have, a little boy was shorthair can use one bottle and probably have some left after the five day treatment, (which is not a bad idea to use it once or twice a week for a few weeks following the week treatment anyway). Someone like myself with long hair needed about three fourths of a bottle of shampoo so I'll need three bottles total to meet the 5 treatments. 3 bottles at $20/ bottle, $60 worth it! So this is a way that you can do it yourself without paying that hundred dollar an hour rate on top of the $20/bottle shampoo. But I was so dunzo by the time I started calling mobile lice removal companies, just vacuuming and doing laundry and feeding my children was almost all I could handle because of how long my daughter would take on my hair nitpicking and how long I would have to take on her hair nitpicking. It was absolutely crazy and it had only been 3 days before I was on the phone desperate for help. Some of the women that work for this company went through It for three months before being recommended to the lice ladies at this company. Like threw away couches and mattresses and went full OCD on every square inch of the house continuously and got continuously frustrated spending money on all the products online and to find out none of it was working and to know that it might work and think it was working and then have it reappear and the craziness behind having to be fanatic 24/7 about your house and checking the hair all the time for the smallest little dot (baby white nit attached to hair strand near scalp) because the fear of 1 missed nit could hatch and mature and the lice bug craziness can start again. Yes, real bugs in your hair and as you go to sleep at night you know their crawling around reproducing 10 eggs/day each, so at the speed of light think of how quickly your infestation can become. So disgusting. I'm talking you lean over to take a bite of food on your plate and a bug fell on my plate, I'm talking real bugs stuck in my towel after showering and drying my hair, I'm talking about the worst nightmare you can picture and I only went through that for four days as of yesterday when the lice lady came to remove them. I can't imagine 90 days of that like those women went through. Go out and buy the stuff and comb it out correctly after shampoo's, and call Debbie with any questions. I think Jesus directed me to them, and I'm so thankful. They were like the third company I had called while googling researching prices ( everyone is like 100 and hour), but because Debbie was so thoughtful and helpful and not trying to sell something down my throat I actually was able to trust her because of her caring honesty. The relief it brought me at that moment.. I just clinged onto her like a lifeboat in the madness lol, she seriously saved me at that moment and I knew I didn't need to look or worry or guess any farther. The next morning Angel came as my lice lady, (she truly was an angel to come and remove everything), very nice lady, very thorough, informative, down to earth, and honest. She raves on and on about Michelle, the woman who invented this product, who was a pediatrician mother who couldn't get rid of her child's super lice in 1997 and started coming up with her own essential oil concoction and different household tips that could help along w her grandmothers comb. She started helping people because she's someone who cares and walked the horror road And wanted to help others. She takes great care of her employees and all that is great to hear. I HIGHLY recommend this product and the lice ladies at professional removal. You may spend a hundred dollars/hr for 1-3 hrs for your household on professional treatment but to me to know that I don't need to do anymore checking are coming over the course of this next seven days is a real relief because I have other things I need to get back to. If you decide to not use professional removal it's not a big deal you still do the five shampoo treatments but you need to do a 20 minute come out and I didn't have another adult that could do my comb else so that's why I went with the professional. Don't wait don't guess don't hold your breath thinking you got it all, just make the phone call and end this madness for yourself and your household immediately so you can get back to the real world. My brothers household has been dealing with lice on and off w their kids for three months now and that's most likely because they're not fully getting rid of it. You best believe after this review I'll be talking to him and recommending TLC. I was so impressed and even in the midst of still exhausted, up all night vacuuming the whole household and washing everything, still much more cleaning to do today, I still wanted to stop to take the time to do this review because I'm that grateful. God bless this company and these women. Oh and by the way a horrifying fact that you might find out is that just because you noticed the lice doesn't mean that's right when you got it. She thought some of the lice in our hair was 3 to 6 months old!!! Think of how much risk we posed to others accidentally without realizing it. I have called and told everyone I know and I have no shame for it at all because it's just like getting a cold you can get it anywhere it's just something else that needs attention to be dealt with. Just don't waste time staying lost needing direction it makes it worse. It's good to be forthright with everyone who may have been exposed including the schools because they need to notify parents anonymously to know what to watch out for. Most people don't think their kid has lice because they don't see bugs crawling around but that's not what you need to be looking for. The early stages of lice are the tiniest white baby nits that are attached to the strand of hair closest to the scalp. As your hair grows as time passes you can find them further down the hair strand. Some are the smallest size in the universe and can be confused with dandruff. The only way to know is to try to grab one and see if it gives resistance when you are trying to get it off. It takes time for all the bugs to get bigger and to lay more eggs and by the time an infestation is noticed, sometimes it's been there months, so that's why am saying take precaution if your kids are exposed to lice. go out and buy a bottle of TLC just to use for a few weeks for a couple times a week just to ensure your household doesn't get it, you will never want to go through this again and I only went through it for four days before help was here OMG. and even though today is the 5th day upon realizing we had lice, I still have four more shampoos over the next 6 days and I still need to finish reCleaning my entire house, and I will probably do a few treatments on us for a 2 weeks to follow the 7 day treatment just not to be on the safe side. So 4 weeks total that I will have spent thinking about and dealing with and combating lice. Life is too busy to pause to battle 24/7 in the lice world. I promise you, this company is promising you, anyone you talk to who's dealt with lice before will promise you... In capital letters you do not want to deal w LICE! I'll be taking all the other stuff I bought back to get my money back tomorrow and I'll probably get a donut or something awesome because this has been the most stressful five days so far ever, in my whole life and I've gone through some things. I hope somebody out there heeds this advise and calls this company even if it's just for the advice. Obviously would take me way too long to go into more helpful tips on here That you want to do as part of a household checklist. God bless this entire company and God bless anyone reading this. :)

  • LaTu - ALLAH - Akbar

    I've only had it for a week now, I am pleased with the operations that work without buying the prime mode at a nominal price. The prayer schedule functions both manually /automatically. The Attributes of ALLAH also is available.

  • Chris C - Our draft was a great success

    This kit was great. The stickers were really up to date (Alfred Blue was included and it was only a couple days after the Foster injury in pre season). Thanks for helping our draft run so smoothly!

  • pro_crustes - Better Than Accountants

    My family and business dropped _thousands_ of dollars on accountants for years. Then we finally got sick of their do-nothing attitude and bought this. Been using it for five years and love it. Consistently outperformed the accountants in terms of saving us money and not making mistakes. Even if there are deductions somewhere the so-called pros could find that we don't find with this product (and I doubt that there are), the cost of those pros is too high to make it worth worrying about.