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  • Adam C. - Very pleased with purchase

    I bought the 23.8-inch to use as the main monitor in a dual-montior setup. This is a very nice monitor especially for the price. I like Acer monitors and have bought them in the past for their price and quality. This was easy to put together with the stand, is light, and the colors are vibrant. I did have to do some small calibration to get the coloration to my liking, but it was very simple to adjust. I haven't seen any issues with backlight leaking or dead pixels as some others have.

  • megan - Still have fleas

    I wanted this to work so badly. The drops for some reason do not work on my cats so I hoped this would finally rid my cats of fleas. But no, 3 months in and they still have the fleas. The only thing that kills them is weekly flea baths, and obviously they suck for everyone involved. I'm at my wits end. :(

  • Erica - My cat has been taking thyroid support for about a ...

    My cat has been taking thyroid support for about a month and he is becoming his old self again. Before, his fur looked greasy, he was unenergetic, and was becoming alarmingly skinny. I have noticed his fur looks more groomed, he's jumping around on furniture, and seems to be gaining a little weight back. I am impressed with this product and anticipate my cat using it from now on.

  • Jeff Schultz - Works Great

    Used the adapter so that I could mount my 2014 Samsung 4k Monitor to the AmazonBasics monitor arms (Which are pretty awesome). The adapter worked great. It's not the sturdiest thing in the world, but it does the job as best can be expected with the design Samsung chose for the base.

  • Alyssa Arnoldus - IT FITS

    I have a 2009 Mazda3. It is a very small car. I researched countless blogs, websites, reviews, and even research studies ( I am a college student so I have access to millions of scholarly journals) to find car seats that were specifically made for small cars.

  • one leaf - Easy bank reconciliation

    Quickbooks for Mac 2014 is yet another wonderful product from the folks at Intuit. It's super easy to use, has a good looking interface, and is a time saver. The online banking sync allows for a quick and easy reconciliation, asides from saving time it prevent entry errors. I recommend it to any and all small businesses, especially my farming neighbors.

  • William - Excel 2010 for dummies

    Very helpful glad i bought it, know nothing about excell and this has helped me to get through the toughest parts