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  • Cruciate Ligament Rupture (Cruciate Disease) in Dogs - The Veterinary Expert| Pet Health - Cruciate Ligament Rupture (Cruciate Disease) in Dogs  is a very common cause of lameness. The canine knee joint develops arthritis as a result.
  • Lungworm - The Veterinary Expert| Pet Health - In this article we focus on Angiostrongylus vasorum  which is also known in the UK as ‘Lungworm’ or ‘French Heartworm’.
  • Nasal Discharge and Sneezing in Cats - There are many causes of nasal discharge and sneezing in cats. This article explains more.
  • Pre-Anaesthetic Blood Tests for Pets - Before your pet has an anaesthetic your veterinary surgeon may discuss with you pre-anaesthetic blood tests, amongst many important considerations.

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  • BrookesMommy - I've tried other Detox Tea's that tasted horrible and I noticed no difference

    I've tried other Detox Tea's that tasted horrible and I noticed no difference. This one tastes yummy and seems to be doing what it claims. Haven't been on a full 14 days yet, but have ordered a second bag!

  • A. Cohen - Shocking, in a bad way

    This vacuum seemed great, at first...until I toggled it to the second power setting which enabled the brush. Every fifteen seconds or so I received a substantial electric shock from the handle, of progressively greater intensity. I can't know if it was some sort of electrical problem in the vacuum or just something about the construction of it that transmitted huge amounts of static electricity. I've never had a vacuum shock me like this. Other models of Shark vacuum have been recalled for electrical faults...I'm thinking that they may need to expand that recall. I was using the NV353 model (identical to the NV352, other than some small accessories). I've returned it.

  • Keisha Mathew - Half full!! Jipped!

    I just received this yesterday and this morning to find this. There's a push button that you have to use in order to get the product out and it doesn't look like it's even that much in The jar to even push out! I want some answers this is ridiculous!

  • J. Bartin - Got Pain

    I use this all the time, they just make me feel so good. work on some and not for others.start with one box . there not to big but I always two or three to get coverage fornt , back and top of shoulder. neck and lower back. works for me.

  • Melissa L. - Used this glue to attach two guitar necks (so far) ...

    Used this glue to attach two guitar necks (so far). This is the stuff you want for this application as it should allow to remove the neck (using heat) if you ever break it. I haven't tested the removal yet, but so far it holds wlel.

  • Average Joe - keeps the water flowing

    Have had two of these hoses for over two years with no kinks. The quality is great and I am thinking of buying a third for my other spigot. The hose never loses pressure or cuts off due to a kink. I use one exclusively for my swimming pool and have no problem attaching it to the pool cleaner and dragging it around my 50,000 gal pool. Both hoses look like new even though both sit outside year round and one spends a considerable amount of time underwater.

  • Utah Mom - The book itself is not bad. I purchased the Kindle version for my class ...

    The book itself is not bad. I purchased the Kindle version for my class because I anticipated it would be a textbook that I would enjoy to reference again in the future. However, as my instructor asks us to turn to a specific page in class, I cannot not find the page number. I fall behind as I have to scan through the pages to find the diagram or table he is referencing. The kindle edition appears to have no page numbers! This is exceptionally frustrating!