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  • Blue Columbine - So Sorry I Upgraded to Deluxe 2011

    I bought this program hoping it would be an upgrade with more features and newer cards than my Hallmark Card Studio 2009 Deluxe, but I am so disappointed. There are few new cards available and printing is a nightmare. I had saved all my old Hallmark cards and projects and it was easy to import them from my Word Document file to this program, but I cannot print the Event Planner or Calendar, and I can't print the cards the way I am used to doing by choosing whether to print the outside or inside.

  • Bassetlover - Pyramid scheme anyone?

    The fact that EVERY single 5 star review for this product comes with a distributor's contact info tells me enough NOT to buy this product!

  • Annstar49 - Love this carseat

    Love this carseat. We have a Diono Radian RXT for our son, and I mostly love it, but was looking for something with an easier/faster install but same safety. Especially for ERF I wanted something that was easy to put baby in and take her out. This car seat is a dream! We love it. It's heavy, but no more than my Diono- but what I really love is how clean it is. I always bust my hands up on car seats during install or moving them- not this one! Every thing is tucked away nicely and there aren't any extra straps hanging around. The plastic out coverings are rounded, which means no scraped fingers or hands. Love that the seats lifts out for easy access to the belt path during install. I can switch it back and forth between cars in record time, with a great install every time. Quick and easy. No rethread harness, but that's not a big deal for us. Especially with how easy it is to do. Tightening the straps RF is simple- my only complaint is the latch to loosen the straps is tucked back pretty far under the seat. I have long fingers and it's still a stretch. Also when baby has on a tank top and her shoulders are exposed, sometimes her skin gets pinched when I tighten the straps (between the strap and the small shoulder cover). This wasn't an issue in her infant seat, but she's pretty chunky, so maybe it could be an issue in another seat?? I'm not certain, but we just take care when fastening her. Overall I adore this seat. Baby girl seems to love it too. She's a larger baby (23lbs at 9 months) but she has plenty of room to grow in it. Our 3 yr old gave it a test drive when we first got it and he was ready to have it for himself. It's easy to install and consistently has a correct fit in the car and on the child.

  • J. Smith - Lots of Good Cards-Which Ones Must I Trade???

    I love it! Filled with awesome cards, such as Ancient Silverback (6/5 1 Forest regen) and Terra Stomper (8/8 trample). Mine even came with an deck-building manual. (I bought mine at Target... I don't know about the Amazon version. I would give you more informataion, but I should have been asleep an hour ago.

  • ariel cypressi - So in love!!

    First off I just wanna say that I love these pills. I have always suffered with thin cracking, bending, breaking nails and could never get them to grow strong and healthy. I have also strived all my life for gorgeous long hair and as of a couple months ago I have started from scratch.