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  • Andrea Holden - Still under trail test period for me

    I'm still using Suki as Trial facial. I have awful skin since I was about 9 yrs old. I have cystic acne (usually only when I eat refined sugars), blackheads, scars you name it. I started using Suki products and used this tony for about 2 months now. I find that it helps only a bit when cleaning. It is best used with a cotton ball or swab to clean the pores. Spraying doesn't seem to do much except maybe help re-balance moisture after cleansing. I'm not sure I'll keep this part of my cleansing routine, its still under scrutiny.

  • Chris McKee - A must have for anyone interested in stock investing

    I started reading Jason Kelly with his 2012 Edition of this book about a year ago. At that time I had no real experience with investing but wanted to learn. This book was a springboard for me into the world of investing and personal wealth management. Jason does an excellent job in this book explaining theories and concepts that can be very difficult in a simplified and easy to understand way. I wish my college finance & accounting professors were as skilled as Jason.

  • Loki Liesmith - Fun for youngsters!

    This is a great little story to read to younger kids. As a dad, I like that I come off looking good. (But how did the author know about my super-powers???)

  • Vinny Amato IV - Good flavor and good weight loss jumpstart.

    Pretty much just fruit juice to give you some nutrition during fasting. I ended up losing 6 Lbs. over the 2 days, however, 3 came back so 50% stuck and I am going to use the 2nd bottle to see if I can get 6 "REAL" Lbs. lost over 4 days. It's a good jumpstart but you have to do the work to intake less or burn more to ensure you are running at a calorie deficit on-going to keep the weight loss going.

  • Pat Dischinger - Minor complaint

    Would be better if the casino names corresponded with the map more easily, Sometimes they are hard to put together

  • Amazon Customer - Handy book for learning Office 2016

    I like books that help me with computer programs and show actual page examples. Though I feel pretty strong in some the programs covered )like word and excel) it is good to see more short cut reminders. Also I am not that familiar with Access so having more information on how to go through this program makes me feel more confident in using it. I am sure you might be able to also access the information online but for those who like to have their program open and use the book rather then flipping back and forth between screens then this may be a great option.