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  • Mandy Henderson - that turned out to be an amazing adventure! This book was a great read and ...

    First, let me start off by saying this book was not what I expected, however, that turned out to be an amazing adventure! This book was a great read and truly made the reader fall in love with Violet, the main character. Waiting until November 21st for the second book to be released will be a long wait!

  • Amazon Customer - OLD FAITHFUL!!!!!!!!!!

    Wonderful product...My parents used to use this on my when I was a child, they used it for aches, pains, clods, aching name it. I am so glad that I found it again. It is the same great product that I remember.

  • Kaushal - Best taco sauce ever!!

    This sauce is fantastic!!I cooked it with chicken onion and garlic for about 25 minutes or till the chicken cooks completely and the sauce dries out and sticks to the chicken.Served them with Corn Torialls topped with onion,Cabbage,Avocado,Cilantro and some lime.Best Tacos ever made thanks to this sauce!

  • musicman - Didn't seem to work for us (Southern NJ)

    I put this down at the same time I put down some annual rye (Spring). The rye grew, but the Black Beauty didn't grow as well in the areas it was planted. I'll be trying something else in the fall.

  • hona - Typical Rick!

    Great book. I used it while in Spain in March. The maps and information provided helpful information while on the go using my ipad.

  • Geeta Dhir - amazin, i coul feel the results in a few days

    nobody recomended me this i was looking for something to help wih my eyes which had become very sensitive to sun and ichey ,red & dry. The product is amazing i can see much better, i think it improves the peripherial vision so much that i have startred noticing things that where there on my way to work but i had never seen. It is really good and works like a wonder and soo fast it's amazing.