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  • Paul Bulawka - Works and fits good

    Looks good but the fit is not tight works well with the car love the idea gm should of thought of this

  • Terri L. Fields - It is very user friendly and there is NO SMELL which is good because I have cats and I was afraid of ...

    I have only had this product for a couple of weeks but I don't see as many bed bugs as I did. It is very user friendly and there is NO SMELL which is good because I have cats and I was afraid of them inhaling caustic fumes. It is great for spraying the ceiling cracks where this little critters can come into from the apartment upstairs.

  • silverback - Bestop EZ Fold

    I bought this top so I could load up the bed to travel 700 miles to mid state Florida in the summer. I expected rain at some point during the trip and it happened. We went through a few dense rain showers on the way there but when we unpacked all the luggage and boxes it was dry in the truck bed. Installation and removal is simple. The only reason I did not give it 5 stars was the attaching hardware was difficult to get into position for an F150. there seem to be a little binding in the channel the latch travels in.

  • m.legault - CAUTION!!!!!!!!

    I bought the collar for my 11 year old dog because the topicals I used to use make me nervous and seem to burn him when I administer it. I thought that this collar was the best idea and it might very well be. But for my dog, it was the worst thing! After putting this collar on, my dog's personality changed dramatically. He became very lethargic, his eating habits changed, he was very cranky AND started having focal seizures. Once I took the collar off, he went back to his normal self. He is eating and playing like he used to and is having no more seizures. I'm not saying this will happen to everyone that buys this product, but be aware and use with caution.

  • Amazon Customer - Great book for Lucy lovers!

    Lots of fun reading this bio, remembering the shows in the past. It fills in a lot of her & Desi's history together, and both of their amazing careers.

  • Soleofoo - Amazing product

    I was inundated with fleas this fall. Scratching cats, visible fleas on my furniture, and every time I stepped on my upstairs floors, fleas jumped on my ankles. ICK! I researched many products via google, and ended up checking out quite a few products on Amazon. I read all the directions, all the reviews, and decided to order Fleabusters. My vet said that just vacuuming would kill the fleas, but more was required. I applied the powder to the upstairs floors, carpets, tile and hardwood.....and swept it in well. Still had fleas, itching I applied a bit more, a bit heavier (still less than 1/4c for approx 1000sqft). I swept it into the hardwood floors, under the bed, more into the carpets, etc. I did not immediately vacuum the visible dust up though. I kept the cats on the main level for about a week, kept trays of soapy water with lights on them in the bathroom, and still caught and saw fleas. After about a week, I vacuumed the floors and rugs again. Each day, I saw fewer fleas, and after about 10 days, I no longer saw fleas at all. Now, I still haven't treated the main level of my home, which is mostly carpet. But I never saw fleas there. I have vacuumed often on both levels, and finally the cats are more comfortable. I plan to clean my carpets soon, and will fleabusters them afterward.

  • Southwest Lady - Orange Sherbet/Creamsicle Aroma!

    I am way beyond my pregnant years, but I have stretch marks and dry skin, so I wanted to try this. This butter smells so good you’ll want to eat it! It really does have an aroma of something between orange sherbet and Creamsicle.