Sponsor a child - Unbound - Unbound works side by side with people of diverse faith traditions in 20 countries to bring people together and challenge poverty in new and innovative ways.

  • https://www.unbound.org/Sponsor Sponsor - Unbound - Sponsor a child, youth or aging person. Learn how sponsorship through Unbound brings hope and positive change to people living in poverty who lack opportunities and resources.
  • https://www.unbound.org/Sponsor/HowItWorks How Child Sponsorship Works - Unbound - Learn about how sponsorship through Unbound works, including how much it costs and what benefits it provides to children, young adults, elders and families living in poverty throughout the world.
  • https://www.unbound.org/Sponsor/OurFinancials Child Sponsorship Financial Reports - Unbound - More than 92 percent of Unbound's expenses go toward program support. We are the only child sponsorship organization to be awarded a grade of A+ from CharityWatch.
  • https://www.unbound.org/Sponsor/HowItWorks/LetterWriting Writing Letters To Your Sponsored Friend - Unbound - When you sponsor a child or elder through Unbound, you're able to connect with your sponsored friend through letters and photos throughout the year. Sending words of encouragement and expressing an interest in your friend's life helps create a connection with the power to change both of your lives.
  • https://www.unbound.org/DonationFunds/General Make a Donation to Help Families Out of Poverty - Unbound - Make a donation to support the work of Unbound and help strengthen the programs we offer to children, students and elders in the 20 countries where we work. You can donate to our overall efforts or target your contribution at a specific issue, like Health, Homes, Education and Disaster Response.
  • https://www.unbound.org/OurImpact/Donate Make A Donation To Help Families Living in Poverty - Unbound - Make a donation to Unbound and give hope to families living in poverty. Your contribution supports and strengthens our programs with children, young adults and elders in the 20 countries where we work.
  • https://www.unbound.org/OurImpact/Donate/PlannedGiving Planned Estate Giving and Charitable Gift Annuities - Unbound - Unbound offers various planned giving options that address a donor's wishes to make immediate or future contributions to benefit a sponsored friend, fund a specific need such as higher education or support the general mission of Unbound.
  • https://www.unbound.org/OurImpact/Donate/EmployerMatching Help A Student Stay In School Through Our Employer Matching Gift Program - Unbound - Employer matching gifts to Unbound provide direct scholarship assistance to young men and women seeking to build a path out of poverty for themselves and their families.
  • https://www.unbound.org/OurImpact/OurWorkAndApproach See the Impact of Child Sponsorship - Unbound - Through stories and videos, discover how sponsoring children, students and seniors through Unbound has changed the lives of families in 20 countries across the globe.
  • https://www.unbound.org/OurImpact/WhoWeAre Top Sponsorship Charity for Children, Young Adults and Seniors - Unbound - Unbound is a top-rated sponsorship organization for children, young adults and seniors, based in Kansas City since 1981. Through Unbound, more than 250,000 sponsors are supporting more than 300,000 children, young adults and seniors worldwide.
  • https://www.unbound.org/OurImpact/OurResults Results of One-to-One Sponsorship Program - Unbound - Unbound measures sponsorship program effectiveness and outcomes for sponsored persons and their families by focusing on global, local program and individual evaluations. Read more about Unbound's evaluation efforts and results.
  • https://www.unbound.org/OurImpact/Participate Share The Joy Of Child Sponsorship With Others - Unbound - We invite you to introduce Unbound sponsorship in your community. Help us connect people in need with people who care. We focus on a personalized, grassroots approach to spreading the word about our sponsorship program.

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    Doesn't work very well. In full Southern California sunlight I could barely get it to charge my Android phone and the output was at only 43 milliamps. I was not even able to charge the batteries properly with the solar charger. It would report as charged after leaving it out all day but then when I plugged in the plus pack into a computer USB port the plus pack ended up getting charged all over again for an additional 3+ hours. This thing is a complete sham! I ended up getting a "Instapark 10 Watt Solar Panel Portable Solar Charger with Dual USB Ports" which works like advertised and you can see my review on how well that one works compared to this piece of junk.

  • Bryan Wiseman - Well worth reading

    This book is a must read. Indeed there's lot to be said about the more natural approach as opposed to traditional medical methods. I don't have Cancer but like most people I know a lot of people who have died from it. But I also know several survivors that the medical profession 'wrote off'. They are all alive today and all followed a program very similar to the ones mentioned in this book. The book is important to read even if you don't have Cancer. Prevention as they say is better than cure. I don't care what anyone says, I believe and have proven that diet and working with the subconcious mind really does work.