Ostomy Association of Greater Chicago - The Ostomy Association of Greater Chicago is composed primarily of people with ostomies. Our purpose is to offer mutual emotional aid, support and connection through our members who have learned to live life to the fullest with an ostomy.

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  • Desertcharger - TranZformer is awesome

    I installed the Tranzformer unit close to a year ago- I am impressed with the ability to turn off the unit in bad weather conditions and by the line lock feature.

  • David M. - Potential problems if you have an HSA

    For the most part, I've been very happy with this software. I purchased the digital download of H&R Block at Home - Deluxe. However, I'm ranking it 2 stars since I will not be able to efile. This may be an obscure problem, but since my HSA contributions are from a premium pass-through, I had to override the entry in Form 8889. For me, these contributions do not show up on the W2, and that's the only way the software allows you to input employer contributions. However, due to that required override, I'm disallowed from e-filing. Otherwise, the interview process was straightforward and quick to navigate, and if not for the lack of e-file, I'd give it four stars.

  • Christopher S. Dunworth - Installed easily, exactly per the instructions

    Fit my 2003 Ford Escape perfectly. Installed easily, exactly per the instructions. Includes all the required pieces for several different installation options. Not exactly the same black plastic as the console, but more than a reasonable match. Provides a small pocket for storage which can be installed under the head unit. Recommended product.

  • Joe Garifo - I keep a billfold there to store receipts and can very easily pull that out and put away without having to ...

    This is my laptop bag. I fly through security with this bag. I simply unzip the back section and lay it down, then just grab the handle and go when it comes out of the X-ray machine. I have only used the aluminum hooks to close the bag, and not the velcro on the inside. There are plenty of pockets and pouches for phones, pens, pencils, chapstick, and keys. Big fan of the side access pocket, I keep a billfold there to store receipts and can very easily pull that out and put away without having to open the whole bag. The part I love the most is the bottom power supply pocket. Gets that awkwardly shaped power supply out of the rest of the bag and stores it easily. This bag is 100% the one for a tech traveler.

  • Medic Mom - Holy Grail of Toners

    I have tried TONS of toners trying to find the perfect one and this is the holy grail! It works great and smells even better. If your on the fence about this run don't walk to buy it, you won't be disappointed!

  • Ms. Erin B. Crilly - HUGE improvement over lesser brands!

    I asked lots of people about boys bikes before settling on this one. My boys (age 4 and 5) were coming from 12" bikes by Huffy and Kawasaki. Both of those had issues, primarily the lack of torque on the pedals. The older kid kept pushing so hard on the pedals (mostly from pedaling while standing) that the chain came off. EVERY DAY. This one is much better constructed and the mechanics a better fit. The boys both love it (I've got a 20" on order for the older kid, who is almost six and TALL). The training wheels are good quality, and the frame is a tad lighter than lesser brands. As for assembly - it's more of an intuitive process than follow the generic 50 page instruction book. Even my tech-saavy husband messed up: he put the front fork on backward, and was happy with it until I showed him a picture showing otherwise. Just be patient with it - or take it to a bike shop. I really like how low the seat adjusts on this bike - the four year old is just over 40" tall - but the seat on the lowest setting is just right for him. (The five year old is 48" and I wouldn't keep him on a bike this size for too much longer - he looks gangly on it).