Urology Associates, Christchurch NZ - Urology Associates provide specialist private urology care in Christchurch & Central Otago New Zealand. Our 7 consultants are experienced in all areas of urology & uro-oncology.

  • http://www.urology.co.nz/accounts/ Accounts — Urology Associates - Consultation fees, information for patients with health/medical insurance and pay your invoice online.
  • http://www.urology.co.nz/continence/ Continence — Urology Associates - Bladder leakage is common, with many ways to improve your incontinence. We can help you with diagnosis, exercises, medications and surgery if needed. Read about TVT sling and more.
  • http://www.urology.co.nz/prostate-cancer/ Prostate cancer — Urology Associates - Prostate cancer is the most common cancer for NZ men. Read more about our management options from active surveillance through to robotic prostatectomy here.
  • http://www.urology.co.nz/stones/ Urinary tract stones — Urology Associates - Kidney and ureteric stone prevention and treatment. Short waiting times for lithotripsy or surgical options for stone removal.
  • http://www.urology.co.nz/hospitals/ Hospitals — Urology Associates - Our surgeons operate at Forte Health, St George's Hospital and Southern Cross Hospital Christchurch. Find out about being a patient at these hospitals through the links below.
  • http://www.urology.co.nz/contact/ Contact Us — Urology Associates - Based at Forte Health on Peterborough St in Christchurch. Phone for appointments or use the contact form to request a callback. 
  • http://www.urology.co.nz/news/blue-september-2015 Blue September 2016 — Urology Associates - This month we are raising awareness about prostate cancer with Blue September 
  • http://www.urology.co.nz/news/frank-kueppers-talks-prostate-awareness-on-radio-nz-national Frank Kueppers talks prostate awareness on Radio NZ National — Urology Associates - Why one should have a better awareness of one's prostate gland? Bryan Crump speaks with urologist Frank Kueppers on Radio New Zealand National
  • http://www.urology.co.nz/news/prostate-cancer-patient-shares-his-story Prostate cancer patient shares his story — Urology Associates - As part of Campbell Live's series on Men's Health for Blue September, reporter John Sellwood talks to a prostate cancer patient, and urologist Kevin Bax. Watch the video here.
  • http://www.urology.co.nz/news/weve-gone-blue-for-september We've gone blue for September! — Urology Associates - Urology Associates have turned our website and waiting room blue for September, in support of the Prostate Cancer Foundation's annual awareness campaign.You can read more about Blue September at their website, and support the campaign by buying a blue ribbon - and encouraging your mates over 40 to get an annual prostate check!

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