Windhorse Naturopathic Clinic - Brattleboro, Vermont - Windhorse Naturopathic Clinic is a naturopathic health clinic located in Brattleboro, Vermont with Dr. Emily Maiella and Dr. Nitya Jess Eisenheim.

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  • Bossanovas - Lots of fun and great exercise!

    Kids love it and it was fun for adults as well. Good variety of songs although it would be great to have a few more. Most of the songs are family friendly, but there are a couple I wish had been left off of a family game.

  • General_Choi_Young! - The author does a beautiful job of helping you understand how to meditate so ...

    This is a very well written book on meditation, its benefits and the different types. The author does a beautiful job of helping you understand how to meditate so you can get started right away and reduce the anxiety and stress in your life. If you're looking for a great, informative and helpful introduction to meditation, then this is the book for you too! The book gives great background and context on meditation, which helped me understand it more, and then goes into benefits before giving a clear description of how you can put it into practice yourself

  • me-myself - Great Stuff / Arrived in a Damaged, Wet Box with Leaky Bottle

    I love this product. We use it around the exterior areas of our house to clean up after/deter the neighbors' cats, who like to spray our BBQ cover, back door, etc. It works wonders on stinky soccer shinguards. It even worked on soiled framing members and wood flooring when we first moved into and were remodeling our home; it took a few applications, but after a few weeks there was no longer any evidence of cats inside our house as evidenced by black light and our own noses. Yippeee!

  • randumtasx - Nice set for the price

    Nice set for the price. I can't comment whether they would be a good substitute for a professional mechanic's tool set, but for home use and every day use, they do the trick. Was pleasantly surprised with the range of tools and the sheer size of the range, as the picture does not do it justice. Nicely forged and the pack is a nice accessory. Sure it smells a bit but the plastic smell should most likely air out, not a big deal.

  • Voice of Reason - Total Transformation...of your money, into their pockets...FOREVER!

    For those of you who, like myself, chose to buy this program from Legacy directly, I strongly suggest you check your credit card statements. This company baits you into selecting their "trial" for a support line for initially just $1...but if you don't call and cancel, you'll continue to get charged $49 indefinitely. They don't care if you don't recall requesting the trial option, that you never used it, etc.

  • R. Lee Barrett - More Longmire layers revealed for fans of the series...

    There are certain hallmarks to Craig Johnson's writing, including wit, humility, and easy-to-love characters, which have contributed to the rapid success, growth and popularity of the the "Longmire" franchise. Fans will be happy to see that all those hallmarks are on display in the latest installment of the series "An Obvious Fact." The introduction of "Lola", an inspiration across the board, is a bitter-sweet development in the larger story of Henry Standing Bear. Thanks to Lola, we see a few more layers of this deceptively complex character a he goes into a slow-burn through a good portion of the story. Johnson offsets this awkward reunion with Henry's apparent obsession with Sherlock Holmes. Few writers are truly laugh out loud funny, but Johnson is one of them, and in all the right ways. Johnson also finds a way to tap into some of the shadowy recesses of today's headlines. Between his dive into the world of the "outlaw" biker (and the not so outlaw biker), and the running joke of a militarized police force which comes in handy in an almost Clete Purcell kind of way, Johnson keeps the Longmire archetype in a just right straddle somewhere in between 1881 and the first day of FaceBook. One thing that is not deceptive here, "An Obvious Fact" is likely to please all the established readers, and even has something for the first time Longmire reader as well.

  • Rhyno - So far, so good...!!

    I am in meetings all day long, but i am also a big gym guy, so a product like this seemed to make a lot of sense for me to try. And because I did recieve the product for a discount, it even made more sense to me. This supplement arrived very quickly and was well packaged. I was somewhat skeptical about it at first, but thought, it can't hurt to try it, right? So I tried it. I have been taking it as directed for about week or so now. "Improves memory and brain function." Is a pretty subjective statement and I can't say that it has made any remarkable improvements in that category. I didn't forget to pick my kid up from football practice, true, but as I said- it is hard to evaluate that sort of claim. However- I have had no side effects either - no issues with digestion; no upset stomach or the like. Since dementia runs on both sides of my family I think this pill is worth the small investment to help me to prevent not knowing my friends and family later on. ( although there are some people I would like to forget.) Since it can't hurt, it can only help and it is affordable I am more than happy to continue to use this and I am happy to suggest it to others.