William Vareika Fine Arts - One of the largest art galleries in New England, William Vareika Fine Arts, Ltd. specializes in the purchase and sale of important 18th, 19th, and early 20th century American paintings, watercolors, drawings and prints.

Country:, North America, US

City: -112.0889 Arizona, United States

  • Matt - AMAZING!!

    I have been taking the MasterBrain for about a week now and I love it! Being a college student I figured I'd give this a try to get any type of mental edge I can get. As a nursing student I get up at around 4:30am somedays or I have to work night shift 7:00pm to 7:00am. This schedule can get pretty crazy, which can lead to my brain being drained. Since taking MasterBrain I have noticed that I have been much more alert during class and throughout the day. I am also getting better sleep at night. I am not waking up in the morning exhausted nor do I have difficulty waking up in the morning. This is something that I think can really help people in their daily life and you don't need to be into fitness for this product to be effective for you

  • Scott Pooler - Dr. gave me bad news.... said I was on the road to Liver Failure

    It was a very somber day.... driving home with the diagnosis from my doctor that my liver was on it's way to failure...

  • Randolph Firth - The Crystala filter is GREAT! I was able to install it easily

    I decided to try this replacement filter after I ordered an Aqua Fresh filter for my LG refrigerator and after the Aqua Fresh filter leaked all over the place. The Crystala filter is GREAT! I was able to install it easily, I ran two gallons of water intermittently through the filter and have had no problems for about 2 weeks. This is a great buy at $9.99. I know this price will not last forever, so i will definitely be ordering more. It would still be worth it at the retail price of 19.99. That is still more than half of what an LG brand filter costs to replace. I am now a loyal customer!!

  • scooter guy - Simple solutions for most bad reviews..

    I have had my slender tone ab belt for over a year now. I don't use it on a regular basis, but I do pull it out from time to time every few months or so. I have read over many of the bad reviews here and just wanted to put in my two cents on why I think people are writing bad reviews.

  • Tricia T. - perfect protection

    awesome carpet protection! a lil expensive but worth protecting floors from salt and debris tracked in by dirty shoes! Worth It!