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  • L. HILL - Not certain what we received...

    I purchased this in September 2014, but frankly I have not used it for human consumption, I tried adding it to our fur babies' food for natural parasite control, but stopped when they would not eat their food (used recommended amount). The product I received came in a cardboard box (crushed) and a plain, clear plastic bag. Frankly I don't know whether it is as purported...suitable for human-grade consumption. How would one know?

  • Mickey Maguire - You Get Out of It What You Put into It

    I have used the Writer's Market, the Artist's Market, and now, the Photographer's Market books in the past and present. There are lots of good tips in the book for people who are just starting out. I've been freelancing since the 1980s, so, I am not new at this, but, there is always something new to learn. These books are great time-savers. They give you the information you'll need to get your foot in the door.

  • John Smith - Popups and blocked web sites all over the place.

    Bought it Feb 7, and it manages to annoy me even to April 6 (today), so it's not just getting used to a new product.

  • Michelle E. Winsor - The experience is excellent, but the mattress is VERY firm.

    After a TON of research on the available beds on the market right now, I felt that the Yogabed offered all of the features I was looking for in a mattress. We were extremely excited when it arrived and the experience of receiving the box, opening the mattress and getting things set up was wonderful. However, the bed was much firmer than I had anticipated! It works great for my husband who is a 6'4" 350# strongman, but my 130# frame feels like I'm sleeping on bricks. We ordered the mattress in November and have slept on it for almost two months now. I have lost more sleep in those months than over the course of my life! We're looking into other options and possibilities now and will be returning the Yogabed before our 101 day trial ends. I had such high hopes for this mattress and am disappointed with the actual product. I am still giving the review three stars though because their customer service and the experience with the company so far has been great, plus my husband said the bed is comfy for him even if it is a bit firm. Maybe a mattress topper would help....

  • J. Staton - DeLorme Earthmate

    The GPS works great. I'm having some software issues though. I think it may be as much the fault of Windows as it is DeLorme. The program will shut down for no apparent reason. And it sometimes changes views on it's own. For instance if I'm running the program im my house it will go to some other part of the country without me doing anything and when I'm driving it will sometimes zoom out but at least it does stay with me so when I zoom back in it still shows me being where I really am. I haven't contacted DeLorme about it yet.

  • Jackie - Received Damaged Tablets

    I was disappointed with my purchase because the tablets, which are individually wrapped in plastic, were all broken up in pieces. So when I put the tablet in the skimmer basket, it comes out in broken up pieces and powder. Obviously, these will not last as long as a solid, unbroken tablet. I am hoping it is only the tablets near the top of the container which are damaged, but so far I have gone through about 15 to 20 tablets and they were all broken up.

  • Tessa - This stuff is really good, I was expecting it to be like jerky ...

    This stuff is really good, I was expecting it to be like jerky but its definitely different in texture and taste. I ordered the original, the post office for some reason sent it back to the seller before it was ever delivered. It was odd, but then the seller without saying anything sent it back to me and included a second flavor called Peri Peri (or something?) with a nice note. It was very nice so thank you to the seller! The 2nd flavor was my favorite! I really liked it, so did my pups :) . This product was given to me at a discount in exchange for my honest review.