Vietnam Humanitarian Aid - Vets With A Mission - Humanitarian aid provided by Vietnam War Veterans and their friends to the people of Vietnam. Medical clinics, Aid Stations and their very own Vets With a Mission Childrens Heart Surgery Program.

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  • Chandra Prasad - A bit broad, but still an excellent resource

    There are only a few books that are must-haves for individuals who are looking to identify their optimum career area. Parachute is one of them. The book is a bit broad and far-reaching-it's meant to help all people with all career choices-but if you can funnel through the reading and apply the principles to yourself on a personal level, Parachute is well worth a careful look. Keep in mind that Parachute is for professionals who have not yet identified what segment of the job market they want to work in, not necessarily for people who have already found their niche and want to thrive.

  • Elizabeth - Great Value

    I am completely new to owning a camcorder because believe it or not I've never even touched one in my entire 21 years of life. This camera is AWESOME. It's light, and the video quality is really good to my eyes. You can set it to MP4 format or some other format I don't know what it was. It charges really easy. And it's small and not heavy so my arm doesn't get tired.

  • Sandy - Quickbooks for Dummies

    Haven't had a lot of time to go through it thoroughly. Usually these books are east to follow, so will have to see if it is like the others.

  • Smiley Faces - Great starter set.

    I'm a Fekkai Girl now, but I wasn't always. I didn't see how higher priced products made a difference until I tried this set. I have VERY frizzy hair and the glossing cream completely eliminates that and boosts shine. I use the shampoo and conditioner and the glossing cream, it's good because I no longer have to put heavy products in my hair.

  • james b potter - Run, don't walk away from this stuff!!

    I would give it 0 stars if I could. Twelve years ago I tried this product and was amazed at the results. Not only did it make my hair thicker and more manageable, I noticed that my hair stopped falling out. I was sold! Fast forward to three years ago. Something was different. My hair started falling out again and I couldn't do anything with it. What happened? My hair became so thin that I applied color in hopes of making it thicker. Now the color turned a horrible orange and was a mess. I went to the stylist who told me that even Nioxin for color treated hair would strip color from hair and that the company was bought by Proctor & Gamble (one of my least favorite companies in the world!) and is now made in Mexico. In addition, many of the beneficial ingredients have been eliminated. I KNEW that something was not right. If you are considering this product, DON'T!! It is garbage. Go to a good stylist and have him/her recommend something. Two weeks after changing to a good shampoo and rinse, I can actually comb my hair into place, it is no longer orange and I already have new hair growth.