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  • Dustin Underwood - I thoroughly enjoyed this movie

    I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, especially for a movie that has this many negative reviews, which is essentially why I'm reviewing it, to help break the trend and encourage people to watch it and develop their own opinions. I believe that most people are just jumping on the "I hate it because everyone else does fad", and they do not actually even give it a chance. I really appreciated most of the jokes, and loved the cast. I'm a huge fan of Saturday Night Live, and that's one of the main reasons I wanted to see this, because it has most of the cast in it. All characters were great, except for Kate McKinnon, which was extremely disappointing because she is one of my favorite actors on SNL. I don't believe her acting was bad, I just didn't like the character that she was portraying. I would recommend this movie, and have no regrets for renting it through Amazon.

  • Gloria Trejo - open n some missing

    just open these the seal was broken and 3 pills are missing ... said new n pay too much for be open and missing some...

  • jaws48 - Reviews are more entertaining and truthful than the book!

    Looked through the book preview...boring and full of BS. That said, however, the reviews are the best entertainment I've had in days! Amazon customers are the best. Sorry Amazon management sees fit to delete some of their customers' best work!

  • Lance F. Scott - ... Jetta GLI SEL about a month ago and I love it. I read everything I could on this ...

    I got my 2016 Jetta GLI SEL about a month ago and I love it. I read everything I could on this particular model for a month before purchasing. I had a 2004 (bought in 2007) Jetta TDI that drove like a work horse and would have gotten another diesel if the recall hadn't happened. Before that I had leased a Passat for 2 years and loved it as well. I think VW has really stepped up it's game. I'm sorry for the "lessee" guy, but really? Cruise went out in 3 months? Just get it fixed that's why you lease! Doesn't hurt to read the manual either (IE:tire indicator light). :)

  • York Plagge - I cut a huge rug with this fantastic interactive gaming experience

    I cut a huge rug with this fantastic interactive gaming experience! I danced for so long once I got tired and couldn't dance any longer! Just Dance 2016 changed my life!!!!!!!!!

  • Alisa Montano - I like this tea

    I like this tea. Tast is good and full. I like loose tea, so I cut the bags, as I don't want anything in my tea, but tea. Though bags make it easier as I don't have to portion it myself in order to get the right tea flavor. The results I guess I ll feel in a week as I just started.

  • TLClan - Awesome tool, especially for those with braces!

    My son just got braces and is pretty miserable adjusting to the maintenance involved. Eating is not only painful, it's gross. This tool has helped a lot for cleaning out food particles and for flossing.