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  • ChuckP - Pay extra and go to dealership

    You get what you pay for, very cheap design. Tab broke on one during instillation and not surprising the hubcap fell off within two days. The problem is the inside tabs are plastic and you need to add a metal ring onto the plastic tab. The metal ring helps secure the hubcap to the wheel rim. I tried the ring on both positions of the tab as instructed but it was really difficult to get the hubcap onto the wheel at either position, I ended up forcing the hubcap onto the rim which broke the tab, the other three went on with difficulty also, not looking forward to next oil change when they rotate the tires. I decided not to call the company, considering what I paid.

  • Rick - It's alright.

    I bought this because I developed beard dandruff. It solved the problem and had no scent but after a while I noticed that it would kind of collect on my beard even though I rubbed it in well. Eventually I ordered a different product which I found worked better.

  • chris - Was just what I was expecting.

    Very informative book, but requires that you have at least a little knowledge in the field as it doesn't explain "why" you would do certain things. With that said, the "why" should be left up to an instructor and so the book accomplishes its task.

  • irina - I work for a government agency. Was the biggest ...

    I work for a government agency. Was the biggest pot head In the world before. But once i got this job had to quit. Well eventually got married and head baby. One my wives maternity leave was done i as well took 3 month off. Smoked every day every minute i was awake. So im 5'9 220 lbs big muscle and beer belly guy. Was clean for 6 weeks and still tested positive on home tests. Bought qcarbo 32. Drank ita 715 am tested at 9 am. Tested on home kit prior to drinking it was positive. It was lab screened and came back negative. So idk about people who it didnt work for,it saved my as. Thanks qcarbo

  • blake47089 - This stuff is amazing. I had a pretty significant leak in my ...

    This stuff is amazing. I had a pretty significant leak in my 350 gallon hot tub. If you follow the directions it works! You may need to do it a couple of times as the directions say due to the vibration of the jets. Again, I was amazed. This is a whole lot cheaper and easier than trying to find the leak.