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  • Westsoc - Calibration of AcuRite at different temperatures and humidifies using sodium chloride and calcium chloride saturated solutions

    The first question ask by users of AcuRite humidity monitor is how accurate is the reading of relative humididty (RH) especially when the spec for RH is +-4% due to unit to unit variation. (Obviously, the company would like to ship all units they made to make more money. Tighter spec causes high rejects and the company will make less money or the cost for the AcuRite will have to go up.) Also the accuracy could degrade over time due to contamination of the humidity detector. There is no way for users to find out if they have bought an accurate monitor or one that is 4% or more off unless they do a two point calibration at room temperature using two saturated (with some undissolved salt left at the bottom) salt solutions each sealed in a ziplock bag together with the monitor. This is very easy to do for anyone. Just put the AcuRite in the sealed bag overnight then check the RH reading the next morning and you are done. Fortunately, the needed salts are also easy to come by as one is table salt (sodium chloride; the monitor should read 75% RH at 70 deg F) and the other could be driveway ice melt (calcium chloride; the monitor should read 31.5% RH at 70 deg F). Since bacteria could not grow in such salty solution, the sealed saturated solutions could be saved and reused over and over again allowing re-calibration whenever the user desires. I used two ziplock bag, each of which has two plastic cups. In one of these bags, each cup has 1/8 inch of water on top of 1/8 inch of undissolved table salt. Likewise, in the other bag each cup has saturated driveway ice melt solution.

  • Mark H. Tucker - translation?

    In perusing some of the reviews here I have discovered that many are calling for a binary translation of this work. I find the pervasive nature of base-2 both wordy and often misleading to all but the most attentive readers. Any translations into binary would invariably fall into the trap created by the never ending debate of big- vs. little-endian ordering. While some might be satisfied, a whole segment of the population would be alienated by insisting on either one. A future revision done in base-16 (hexadecimal, for the lay person) would not only be a more concise read, but it would also allow the subtle nuances in variance in both value and integer representation be more apparent to the less experienced. Such a revision could potentially expand the market for this reference by at least 1f4% - and that is a conservative number when you consider that not only computer scientists but sys. adimins, and even some electrical engineers, could benefit from this work. Having said that, I'm really not one to criticize the efforts of the author - this book has proven invaluable to my career regardless of the biases introduced by this numerical system.

  • Nancy - Nice Personal Kit to have handy

    I have been in a look out for a nice blackhead remover kit, I love that this comes in its own zippered flip carriers. The kit includes several different tools, at the moment i am just using one, but nice to know that i will have the available tools if i ever need them.

  • Ademar Reis - Very Frustrating: horrible tracking and overall poor usability.

    Doesn't track kids and the camera performance is poor even if you have perfect lighting and distance. The UI is confuse and error prone.