VSL#3 Poly-biotic Food Supplement - 450 Billion Live Bacteria - VSL#3 is a probiotic food supplement, which contains 8 different strains of lactic acid live bacteria. VSL#3 maintains a good balance in your gut.

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  • Jeffrey D. Hauck - Libman Wonder Mop

    Consumer Reports rated the Libman Wonder Mop a best buy. I took a chance and ordered for a relative, who hate the sponge type and more expensive proprietary products in the market. They were so thrilled with it, I ended up buying for my household. It is definitely superior to the aforementioned products. Recommend to everyone.

  • Amazon Customer - ... helmets for years and thought this would be a good replacement. I like everything about the helmet except ...

    I have used Giro helmets for years and thought this would be a good replacement. I like everything about the helmet except the strap. My old Giro had a thicker strap with rounded edges that was comfortable on my face. The straps on this one are very thin and tend to dig in my chin when I look down.

  • Danielle - Love them. Easy to use

    I bought two of these for my boyfriend and I to try out. Love them. Easy to use, and everywhere I get a compliment on it. So easy to use, the night before i put in whatever fruit I'm in the mood for, place it in my refrigerator, and its ready to go the next day. Through out the day i refill it with the sam fruit, and discard the fruit at the end of the day to make a new one. The best part is it is super easy to clean. No hassle at all.

  • J. White - Poor UI

    1. The UI is really poor, I was shocked when I started using it that any company could survive this long with such a poor UI. Many controls are homemade or hacks of the Win95 (1995!!) controls, they have unusal behaviors and are very annoying:

  • Suzy - Great little device!

    Great little device! I like to do my nails just before I go to bed so that I can lay my hands on top of the sheets and let them dry as I go to sleep. The problem is, I would try to hold the bottle between my raised knees, and it would slip and slide around. With Tweexy, I can do my nails anywhere, without having to squeeze the bottle between my knees, or needing to have a flat surface to keep it on. My tween daughter loves it, too!